Top 12 Best International Honeymoon Destinations

A honeymoon is a memorable trip taken together by the newly married bride and groom to celebrate their new bond.

The quality time spent together plays a huge role in further strengthening the bond. The deep conversations you have, give a better sense of understanding of your spouse, where they come from and what they expect from this relationship.

The excitement that one feels when visiting a new destination, the activities you indulge in together, the new sights and tastes you experience, the uninterrupted flow of thoughts and love, and the little secrets and laughter shared, bring about a high and unbounded intimacy as well that only honeymooners can experience.

10 Best International Honeymoon Destinations
10 Best International Honeymoon Destinations

There are many different types of beautiful and best international honeymoon destinations to choose from. Be sure to pick the dreamy and the Best International Honeymoon Destinations that matches both your expectations. 

It could be an island getaway, a jungle stay, dance till you drop kind, a luxury cruise, or adventure mode… The sky is the limit!

Nowadays, it is customary to plan one’s honeymoon at an exotic location. But, we understand that it is not easy to figure out the Best International Honeymoon Destinations that both of you will adore. So, in this article, we round up the top 12 good honeymoon destinations for couples.


Best International Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Seychelles

If your ideal escape is a secluded island with white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and turquoise blue waters, Seychelles is the Best International Honeymoon Destinations for you. An archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean, it lies to the east of Africa’s mainland. Some of the activities you can take part include snorkelling, scuba diving, exploring the local flora and fauna, beach hopping and rum tasting.

Mahe is the largest island and generally used as the connecting hub to visit the others in the archipelago. There are few species of fauna endemic to this region that you cannot catch sight of anywhere else in the world, including the black parrot and the giant tortoise. So, no wonder then that Seychelles is on many people’s bucket list!  


  1. France

If you are looking to soak up the local culture and experience authentic ethnic vibes, France is your bet. Be it the city of love – Paris, charming Champagne or the elegant Saint Paul de Vence, France has so much to offer. Walk around like locals, try traditional French cuisine, visit art galleries and museums and picnic under the trees. You can set your own pace depending on how much you want to take in. Many people include Cannes in their itinerary to walk the path that Hollywood celebrities did that makes France one of the top choices for Best International Honeymoon Destinations. 

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Best International Honeymoon Destinations for couples
Best International Honeymoon Destinations for couples
  1. Greece

Greece is gaining popularity off late as one of the best honeymoon destinations and rightly so. Be it history, sea view or night life that you crave for. Athens is seeped in history and is an ancient civilization at its best. It attracts the major chunk of visitors to Greece. On the other hand, Santorini, with its incredible landscapes, brilliant blue water and stark white buildings every way you look is a scenic beauty with postcard perfection.

It can be reached via a ferry from Athens. Watching the sunset, wine tasting and walking around the cobbled pathways are some activities that are not to be missed. Mykonos is another Best International Honeymoon Destinations famed for its maze like streets, cafes, art galleries and nightlife.


  1. Fiji Islands

Although it appears like dots on the world map, Fiji actually comprises more than 300 islands. It is a one-of-a-kind tropical beauty and it comes as no surprise that most of the activities and attractions are centred around beaches. Explore the underwater marine life including manta rays at the South Pacific Ocean. Go crab hunting at Robinson Crusoe island. Get spiritual at Siva Subramanya Swamy temple, famed for its Dravidian architecture and colourful exteriors. Take the walking trails at Sigatoka Sand Dunes Park or get one with nature at Taveuni Island – there’s lots to do and see at Fiji once you are done lounging!


  1. The Bahamas

The Bahamas, another archipelago, consists of more than 700 islands, most of them uninhabited. It boasts of great weather almost all year round and is hence a famous Best International Honeymoon Destinations for people from anywhere in the world. The Bahamas offers a lot of exciting and unique experiences like pig swimming, bone fishing, cave diving, conch salad tasting, shell jewellery making, bahama mama cocktail making, Junkanoo festival (carnival) partying, Pink sand beach visiting, apart from island hopping and scuba diving.


Best International Honeymoon Destinations
Best International Honeymoon Destinations


  1. Las Vegas

Las Vegas is not just popular for a bachelor’s party or a hasty wedding, it is also one of the best places for an amorous escapade. It is a great place for couples who enjoy wine and dine, shopping and dinner cruises. Of course, you can use your new found luck to win some cash at the casino and continue the feeling of euphoria into the night. Some other romantic activities to engage in at Vegas include taking gondola rides, couple spa, flower bath, hot air balloon ride and sunset cruise.

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  1. Italy

The thing about planning an international honeymoon to Italy is that there are so many places to choose from that you can be left confused! But fret not, we are here to sort things out. So, Rome, Florence, Venice, Naples and Tuscany are everyone’s top choices among honeymooners. The lesser known options to explore are Amalfi, Verona, Sicily and Positano. Whatever kinda place you choose, Italy is one country that is sure to be a magical experience for both of you, that’s going to leave you speechless!


  1. Bali

If you wish for a scenic place, and also a little bit of culture, a zen experience, plus some land based activities, all this on a budget, then Bali is the place for you. It is no wonder then that Bali features in almost all the lists of Best International Honeymoon Destinations. Top places and activities include Seminyak beach, Uluwatu temple, Pura Besakih, Kuta beach, elephant safari, volcano hiking in bali, paddy fields visit, mountain biking, flysurfing and parasailing.


  1. The Maldives

If 5 days is all you have, Maldives is your speed. That way, you’ll have plenty of time to lounge around in your hammock and also visit the major attractions that Maldives has to offer. It is a honeymooner’s hotspot and most resorts cater to customised packages such as beach massage, sunset dinner and star gazing. Be it economy, comfort or luxury, Maldives’s got it all. 


  1. Vietnam

Vietnam is a South East Asian country with lots of history and uncommon places to explore. It is emerging in popularity as more people wish to plan their honeymoon to places different from their peers. The most popular spot is Con Dao owing to its clear blue water, golden sand and coral reefs. Mui Ne is another unique attraction for being a desert by the ocean offering sand dune hikes and ostrich rides.

Another cute way to get in the character is by cruising along the Mekong delta in traditional Vietnamese boats. Other top sites not to miss include Ha Long Bay, Dalat Valley, elephant waterfalls, cave camping at Phong nha ke bang national park and nightlife at Ho Chi Minh City.


International Honeymoon Destinations
International Honeymoon Destinations
  1. New Zealand

New Zealand is a place that has something for every type of honeymooner, be it adrenaline pumping adventure or secluded beaches that you seek. It would be ideal to plan a longer duration of say 10 days for New Zealand as you would wish to explore quite a few places having gone there. That said, the summer season, the months ranging from December to March are most pleasant weather-wise.

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The most breathtaking place in New Zealand is a tough competition between Bay of Islands and Queenstown. While Queenstown is the adventure capital, it will satisfy your craving for sky diving, bungee jumping, skiing, helicopter rides, kayaking – you name it and Queenstown’s got it! Bay Of Islands, on the other hand, is a slice of heaven itself with its gleaming white sand, crystal blue water and forest slopes. If you want the best of both worlds, you can have it right here at New Zealand.


  1. Switzerland

If you ever found yourself wondering what paradise would actually look like, do head to Switzerland right away without thinking twice! You will realize that everything has an extra touch of romance in magical Switzerland. It is impossible to not feel the love in the air. From cultural Zurich to artsy Geneva, Swiss’s got everything you could ask for! If skiing is up your sleeve, Zermatt is your place. Interlaken is the place to go to for the train ride of your lifetime. Lucerne and Ticino are for waterfront lovers. Whichever you choose, be ready for a romantic rendezvous of a lifetime!



The honeymoon is a trip that sets the stage for you as a couple. They are the first few days of enjoying your newly wedded status. It paves the path for the course of your relationship. The memories that you make on this significant trip will bring smiles (and blushes) to your faces years, and perhaps even decades later! Be sure to pick the best international honeymoon destination from the host of choices above to make the trip of your lifetime!

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