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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page

-St. Augustine

top bloggers in India

top 21 travel_bloggers in India list

It was a pleasure to come across such great travel bloggers in India who are showing the true bright colors of Indian beauty. India has lots of beautiful places, festivals, culture and the people who preserve this culture. I wish I could be a part of the various travel trips these bloggers make and discover the India from every corner. They try their best to capture the India from their lenses and deliver it to you through their blog.

The travel bloggers listed here are from different backgrounds. While some of them started blogging to inspire others to travel, some found the meaning of their life in travelling and blogging. There are people who even left their corporate jobs to live their passion.

One thing about them that inspires me and motivates me is their love for India and its Rich Culture.

Let’s check out these bloggers one by one.

But before we switch to the list I wanted to move your attention to some of the details about the work.

    oie_transparent (1)                                      

    The Work Done

The compilation of the list was done in approximately 10 days and we made some excel sheets to take into account every possible data for comparison and analysis. This list was not created on just random picks. To prove our point we have shared the snapshot of the excel sheet.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> excel sheet snapshot   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Download this Excel sheet snapshot

The list was compiled after taking into consideration more than 70 travel blogs from India who are working on their blog very frequently and showing up some good travel ideas and knowledge to share.

Since we had to pick up the best 15 only so we tried our best to give credits to all those who deserve it. We even extended our list from 15 to 21 to accommodate some really upcoming travel blogs that are showing some good competition and content.

How I picked up the top travel blogs

It was a very tough process though and it took me much more time than expected to analyze the data I collected from various sources like your blog, twitter, Facebook, other social media sites and many other.

I know these social media sites doesn’t always give you the correct answer so we gave high priorities to other data.

We took into account the front look of blog (feel and look of your blog), the Alexa ranking (global as well as India ranking), your blog backlinks, the frequency of your posting and the honest content on the blog.

We also took into account the details that you are showing up on your blogs like the about page, contact page, categories (easy to differentiate). We also put this fact on high ranking that your blog is focusing on the “Incredible India” note “More of exploring India”.


Our Vision

The list will serve as a guide to the people looking for some travel details and experiences. A point were many new travelers can actually clear there doubts and look for some awesome travelling deals. India serves a rich heritage and culture and there is no doubt that India is home to many adventurous, trilling, romantic, soothing, relaxing and sightseeing travel places looking to be explore by many readers and travelers worldwide.

This post will provide them a link to get in touch with such travel blogs that can help them explore more such “INCREDIBLE INDIA”

We wanted to create an unbiased, objective list of the Indian travel blogs and we hope that we accomplished that with great sincerity.


Our Sincere Thanks

The list has ranking that is according to the data as per current date of publishing this post. We think that every blog is good and informative in its own way and holds the capability to rank on top and we do not deny from the very fact that there can be a possibility that a blog not listed here might deserve a position here. For that we would request you to share with us the details of that very blog so that we can look into that blog for the ranking.

We would like to thank all those who are listed in the list for their cooperation and sharing information.

Our Future Vision and Motive

The only motive of creating this list was to bring into notice the various Indian Travel bloggers who are showing some really good creativity and skills on Internet. I will continue this listing with some more niches and will try to cover up with best of best in all the fields of blogging.

With the motive of encouraging new bloggers we will continue to work in this direction.


travel bloggers in India

travel bloggers in India

oie_transparent (2)


   So here is the List


#1 Prasad NP


About Blog and Short bio:

prasad_np blogger

prasad_np blogger

Prasad Np comes with decades of experience in start-ups as well as well established global companies where he headed India Operations. Prasad has scaled up operations from scratch and built business in multiple domains as varied as healthcare to financial services for global companies across geographies servicing portfolios worth billions of dollars.

As the itch to click got stronger he decided to switch to photography and writing full time. Prasad refuses to be labeled and clicks and writes about people, wildlife and travel with equal passion. He writes the popular travel blog from India desi Traveler, and his work has appeared in both online and print media. He is a mentor with many start up including but not restricted to Travel.

Sometimes Prasad writes about solo travelling but majorly focuses on something that can be enjoyed by a family. Nominated for Indian Blogger Award, Prasad’s blog is not just about the places he visits but it is about what he has discovered.

Connect with Prasad: 

Twitter :- Follow @Prasad

facebook:- Follow @Prasad


#2 Dheeraj Sharma

Blog name:

About Blog and Short bio:

Dheeraj blogger DOW

Dheeraj blogger DOW

Dheeraj is a Software Project Manager by profession who has a unsatisfied hunger for travelling and exploring the Himalayas. From Dheeraj point of view, The Vision of the DoW Blog is all about living the passion for travel & driving, but at the same time to share as much valuable + more practical Himalayan travel information and experiences as possible with other fellow travelers or tourists in order to help them travel along the mountains of Himalayas.

Frequently travelling to Leh-Ladakh, he loves to capture the beauty of nature in his camera. He has Explore many off-road destinations on wheels that brought him with the blog name DOW.

Connect with dheeraj blog




#3 Shalu Sharma

Blog name:

About Blog and Short bio:

shalu sharma blogger

shalu sharma blogger

She is the founder of this website and many people would know her as the founder of, the social networking site of Bihar. She was born and raised in Patna the capital of Bihar and hence she decided to create a social networking site for the people of Bihar and called it YouBihar. She is very much passionate about the state of Bihar in North India.

Find her on




#4 Sankara Subramanian  – Blog name

Short bio:

sankara blogger

sankara blogger

Directly from his mouth: “I am one of those who feel at home when I am on the road. Travel is my life. It is my career. It is my passion. And it is my inspiration”.

He is also one of the known name in travel blogging. He has travelled around the world and the 7 continents.

‘Be on the road’ is his travel and photography blog which started in 2009 and today it has become his career all along.

About website:

BE ON THE ROAD aims to share the love of globe trotting with the world, especially with Indians and under the purview of Globe trotting, it talks about Travel Tips, Visa Tips, Experiential and Off Beat Destination Stories, Adventure Travel, Unique Cultures, Budget Travel, Backpacking, Vegetarian Food, Wildlife Holidays and many more through rich photographs and videos.

His blog is regarded as one of the top 50 blogs in India and his photographs and/or travel articles have been featured in National Geographic Traveller India Magazine, Deccan Chronicle newspaper.

Contact details (twitter and facebook):


#5 Mridula Dwivedi

Blog name:

Short Bio:

mridula_dwivedi travel blogger

mridula_dwivedi travel blogger

She has a passion from travel and that what makes her write up this blog. She started ‘Travel Tales from India’ in 2005. It has become an anchor for her travel writing. Her blog was once linked at BBC and The Guardian. Along with her job as an Assistant Professor of Human Resource Management at Gurgaon, she also contributes to GoNOMAD. All her stories published at Gonomad can be viewed from her writer profile page.

In December 2010 she featured in a National Geographic Skoda Yeti Video. Her blog was honoured as the ‘best travel Indi blog’ at the India Weblog Awards in 2007.

Connect with Mridula: 

Twitter: Follow @Mridula

Facebook: Follow @Mridula


#6  Shivya Nath

Blog name:

Short Bio:

shivya_nath travel blogger India

shivya_nath travel blogger India

Shivya Nath quit her corporate job in 2011, at age 23, to travel the world. She has hitch-hiked along Romania’s northern countryside, lived with the chocolate farmers of Costa Rica, journeyed along Canada’s great wilderness by train and swum with black tip sharks on Malaysia’s east coast. She blogs to inspire people to step out of their comfort zone and discover the world! She has been featured on BBC Travel and NDTV.

The Shooting Star tracks Shivya’s soulful journeys across the globe.

How it all started

It was impossible to tame her restless cubicle-bound soul, so in 2011, she took a 2 month sabbatical from work. She went flash-packing across Western Europe with a friend, and volunteer-travelled in the high Himalayas of India. In those two months, she saw, experienced and lived more than she ever had before, and decided to quit her first and only corporate job with the dream of travelling the world on her own terms.

About website:

The Shooting Star documents Shivya’s soulful journeys across the globe, with a focus on solo, offbeat and responsible travel. It was awarded India’s best travel blog at the Indian Blogger Awards 2013.

Contact details




#7 Neelima Vallangi

Blog name:

neelima_valingni travel blogger India

neelima_valingni travel blogger India

Short Bio – An offbeat and adventure travel enthusiast, she is always on the lookout for a unique adventure or destination. Freelancing as a travel writer and photographer with national and international publications, she have been travelling and trekking in India for the past few years with the intention of unearthing most of the little known places of India and few other countries such as Mongolia and Bhutan of late.


About website – Here on website you can find her writing about her adventures, off beat places that she have visited, few guides, some rants about life as a freelancer and a whole lot of photo essays. Also do expect insane amounts of Himalaya and Western Ghats love on this site as these are her most favorite places.

Contact details : Twitter     ,    facebook


#8 Charukesi

Blog name:

About Blog and Short bio:

charukesi_blog travel India

charukesi_blog travel India

Charukesi writes on travel, food, books, arts and culture. Charukesi Ramadurai is a freelance writer and journalist from India and has travelled extensively through Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia with by-lines in The New York Times, Time, South China Morning Post, The Economist (blogs), National Geographic Traveler, The Guardian, Outlook Traveler, Conde Nast Traveler, The National and many more.

Charukesi first travelled abroad at the age of 26 to Thailand. Since then, she has been to 19 countries.

She is an avid Traveler, with a strong passion towards exploring new places. She blogs to share those experiences with the fellow Travelers.

Contact details- twitter ~ facebook



#9 Lakshmi Sharath   – Blog name

Blog describes “A travel blog of an Indian Backpacker”

About Blog and Short bio:

lakshmi_sarth travel blogger India

lakshmi_sarth travel blogger India

Lakshmi Sharath who is a media professional, a traveler, travel writer, blogger and photographer.

And she believe that a rolling stone actually gathers moss.

After 15 years of sitting beside a desk in several media organizations, she decided to travel and see the world. She have covered five continents and been to over 25 countries and her passion lies in exploring the nooks of India as well.

Nominated for Indian blogger awards, Lakshmi is a well-known Indian travel blogger through her blog. She flits across the world but her heart remains in the little villages and temples of India. With her hunger to write and travel, Lakshmi’s writing is insightful and helpful.

She have been blogging in the travel space since 2005 year and her blog, A Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker has won several accolades.

Recently she was the only Indian blogger to be part of an international contest organized by Citadines Europe, part of the Ascott group.



#10  Siddhartha Joshi

Website name:

Short Bio:

Siddhartha Joshi Blogger India

Siddhartha Joshi Blogger India

Siddhartha is a designer, traveler, and a travel blogger who loves people more than everything else. He derives his passion from interacting with the people for whom he designs the products as well as from the people he meets with during his travels. He is extremely passionate about inspiring the world around him to travel more, as he truly believes that only travelling can break barriers and make us more tolerant and accepting of our differences. He hopes sometime in his lifetime, there would be a world without visas and boundaries 🙂


About the blog: 

Siddhartha tells us “The Wanderer is a travel and living blog from India. It’s a space where I share stories of my travels from across the world, along with travel and photography tips. My hope is that by sharing these stories I will be able to inspire more people to travel and explore the world even more“.

He is also actively doing Travel Vlogging on his new YouTube channel which is a first for a travel blogger in India. Here is the link:

Sid the wanderer  – YouTube Channel


Contact details:


Travel bloggers India listed on quikrpost

Travel bloggers India listed on quikrpost

#11 Ajay jain


About Blog and Short bio:

ajay_jain travel blogger india

Ajay_Jain travel Blogger India

Ajay Jain is a full time writer, journalist and photographer based in New Delhi in India.

Starting his writing career in 2001, he has been covering business, technology and youth affairs before deciding to focus wholly on travel writing. He pursues his passion by being on the road as much as he can.

Ajay began his tryst with travel in 2007 as a travel blog writer and photographer. His portal Kunzum is among the popular and reliable travel information websites in India. The expert’s interesting style of writing, exciting stories along with captivating images and videos has got the site many avid followers.

Contact details:

Twitter: @kunzum


#12 Indrani Ghose


Short Bio:

Indian blogger Indian travel blogger

Indrani Ghose Indian travel blogger

Directly from her “After my brief stint with IAF I found new love in traveling. Initially most of my travels were going undocumented, but soon decided to log them. I have traveled 16 countries and 195 cities and still dreaming to travel more. With travel, the hobby of photography was put to good use.  When not traveling, I am writing and when not writing or traveling I am reading up places to visit next.”

About website:

She says “It is a simple blog, named “i Share” started in 2007 basically with the intention of sharing my travel experiences. It is more than 7 years now and I have written more than 1100 posts with more than 30,000 comments from my readers. I have no plans to give up on this.”

Contact details (twitter and facebook)

Twitter @IndraniTwits


#13 Arti S

Blog name: My Yatra Diary… (

Short Bio:

arti_s travel blogger India

arti_s travel blogger India

Directly from her mouth “I am a 20 something girl with an inherited travel gene, thanks to my beautiful wanderlust parents, on the pilgrimage of life; learning different values, discovering new cultures, breathing life into experiences, talking to wonderful people, walking the roads and above all, trying to find the right direction for herself. You can read and know more about me by reading my blog: My Yatra Diary”.

About Website:

She says “As the name suggests my blog is focused primarily on my yatras and chronicles my travel experiences that cover an array of articles right from where I stayed, what I ate, the places I visited, the people I met, etc. It is almost like embarking on the same journey again!

My main aim is to help people plan their trips better. In addition to all the information, I also make sure to supplement the posts with a lot of pictures in an endeavor to inspire more and more people to pack their bags, set out and travel.”


Connect @ Social Media links:

FB page:

Twitter @artisdiary:


#14 Ankita Sinha

Blog name:

Directly from her mouth:

Short Bio:

ankita_sinha Travel Blogger India

Ankita_Sinha Travel Blogger India

“It was my journey to freedom which started 3 years back that gave me wings to travel to 17 countries and 24 states over short span of time. Hi all am Ankita aka anki an ex-IT professional now a travel adventure cum style blogger. My passion lies in living with a purpose to spread the knowledge and experience I have to my fellow internet friends, through self-created travel videos, interviews, stories, adventure sports and style while travel. In my free time I love painting when I get a chance, dancing every day and trying out new recipes.

About Blog:

“Ankionthemove” takes us through never ending journey of her stories on places, on how easy or not so easy a place is, how every place in the world can be budget friendly, described through self-created and narrated travel videos that takes through literally “IN THE PLACE”. Interviews of simple people who are now achievers in the field of adventure sports plus her own new experience at each place is added. Coupled with PAN India travelers meet and tips and tricks to travel adds onto the fun factor on her blog. Published and Appreciated in Fox traveller,Outlook Traveller,Hindu and many others,this blog has won two awards in the field of Travel and Sports. A recent feature added to Ankionthemove is Style. Ankionthemove which talks about comfort style while travelling and has also been listed as top 15 fashion blogs in India.

Connect @




#15 Nisha

Blog name:

About her:



Short Bio:-

Nisha is a passionate traveler and a bilingual travel writer. Traveling is her stress buster; her strength and her weakness too. She is a slow traveler as also a Voluntourist and her idea of traveling is counting number of memories, and not places.  What excites her are learning and relishing life’s simple little pleasures about new places, people and cultures. She has been to more than 30 countries in five continents.

She is the only travel blogger from India on whom Yahoo made an exclusive video. She was interviewed on a live Travel Talk Show of USA and has also appeared on a TV channel in Spain. Besides being featured and published in numerous international & domestic publications, she has been associated with brands like Fox Traveler and Ford.

About Blog:- Her blog has won many accolades which includes her blog being featured in Asian Traveller, her articles have been used in a Japanese short movie and also in a few schools in USA as course curriculum. Her recipe for international backpackers is the first among the winning recipes and is now a part of Recipe guide of which is circulated in more than 20,000 hostels around the world.

Connect with Nisha :-

On Twitter

On Facebook


#16 Anuradha goyal

Blog name:

About Blog and Short bio:

anuradha_goyal_blog India

anuradha_goyal_blog India

Translating her fervor into her life work, Anuradha Goyal motivates others with her book and travel writing.  She is also a city walker and often organizes walks to places of historical importance.

From her blog “When I am not on the road, I wander through the minds of writers by reading their books. When I see someone traveling more than I do, I feel inspired and envious at the same time. I write because I enjoy doing that.”

Anuradha is an Innovation Consultant by profession, travel writer and reader by passion. Having lived in many cities, she has been blogging for more than 10 years. Her blog was rated ‘50 best blogs on travel around the world’.

From her blog “This blog began with my sharing my travel stories, but it has been nurtured by you readers, when you tell me about new places, new experiences and sometimes that my travels helped you.”

Connect with Anu: 

Follow @Anu

Follow @Anu


#17 Anuradha Shankar


Short Bio:

anuradha_shankar travel blogger India

anuradha_shankar travel blogger India

Mother, bookworm, traveler, writer .. Anuradha Shankar wears many hats. A onetime PhD student who chose to stay home, her life now revolves around her son, her travels and her writing not necessarily in that order. Her dream is to travel extensively across India, and share her experiences with the world! 

She was on a road to be a scientist when life took a sudden turn. Now travelling and writing is her lifelong dream. Read more about her on the blog.

About Website:

Directly from her mouth:

A Wandering Mind, as the name suggests, is about anything and everything I come across. It focusses mainly on my travel experiences, but takes frequent detours – to books, my son, and anything else I come across. 

She started blogging about Kashi and that’s how kasha yatra came into being. Her visit to Kashi made her realise the heart and identity of Indian culture. ‘Wandering mind’ is where Anuradha re-discovered her lifelong dream and joy of writing.

Contact details:

Twitter : @anushankarn


travel bloggers quikrpost

travel bloggers quikrpost


#18 Mariellen Ward

Short Bio and About Blog:   

Mariellen Ward travel blogger

Mariellen Ward travel blogger

She have 400 blog posts on Beathedreamgo and most of them are about India. There are stories on:
Sikkim, Darjeeling, Kolkata, Rishikesh, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaisalmer, Varanasi, Kerala, Goa and many more.
– yoga ashrams in India
– Romantic places in India
– tips on travelling in India
… and this is just a few! 
Breathedreamgo has won many blogging award in India. And as a writer, she is published in Vogue India, Conde Nast Traveller India, BBC Travel.  She have also been interviewed about travel in India by most of the world’s major media.
She have dedicated a total of 9 years of her life writing about the beauty of India.
Finally, when it comes to SEO and numbers of readers, Breathedreamgo is definitely one of the top blogs on India.
Connect with her 

Connect on Twitter

Connect on facebook


#19 Arun Bhat

Blog name:

About Blog and Short bio:

Arun Bhat, is an internationally published photographer and travel writer, based in Bangalore. He spend most of his time travelling through India/abroad working on photography assignments and leading photography tours for Darter. He also serve as consulting editor for a Delhi based travel mag, among many other things.

Arun Bhat’s ingenious works have been featured in publications across India, Japan and USA. Widely touring India, he has captured fascinating imagery of the country’s landscapes and heritage sites.  A Bangalore based Software Engineer, he also moonlights as a famous freelance travel writer who has been published in Mumbai Mirror, Landscape Magazine and many others. Read more about his travel and photography blog.

Connect with Arun: 

Follow @Arun

Follow @Arun


#20 Bhushavali Natarajan


About Blog:

bhushavali Travel Blogger India

bhushavali Travel Blogger India

She says “I am a wanderlust. I love to travel, and I hate crowds. So by default, I venture to places where many don’t venture. I find new places which are roads less traveled. I love riding my bike and I enjoy the journey itself, as much as the destination. My area of interest in travel lies in everything, but esp., in Eco-tour and Heritage. And a compilation of all this, is My Travelogue.”

Started writing on small pieces of paper, Bhushavali now is travel blogger and writes her experience on her blog named as “My Travelogue“. She has travelled all around India with few oversees adventures in France, Germany and Australia.

Short Bio:

She says “A Fashion & Textile designer by profession who makes unique, one-of-a-kind, eco-friendly garments. I specialize in apparel & accessories esp. made of Khadi, Handloom, Natural dyed fabrics at On the other side I am an ardent traveler by passion. I blog about both the love of my life, fashion & travel in 2 different blogs – Fashion Panache and My Travelogue.”


Social Links:


#21 Niranjan Das

Website name:

Short Bio:

niranjan das travel blogger India

niranjan das travel blogger India

A person who is passionate about travel, be it long bike rides or treacherous trekking or leisure holidaying or backpacking through the countryside or an engrossing train journey. I dream of setting foot on every single country on planet earth, meeting adorable strangers and learning about new cultures. Apart from sharing travel tales on my blog Tales of a Nomad, my articles have also appeared on Travel + Leisure,, Spice Flair, Travel Thru History and CLAY.

About Website:

‘Tales of a Nomad’ is a travel blog where I pen down my travel experiences. Here I write about places traversed, blissful roads taken, interactions with strangers, exhilarating adventures and frames captured. ‘Tales of a Nomad’ has been listed among the top travel blogs in the country by quite a few travel portals.

Contact details

Twitter- @rniranjan_das



If you are a travel blogger from India who thinks he is supposed to be in the list ranking then please e-mail me your details and we will surely look into your blog and would consider (doesn’t ensure that it will be listed) your blog in the next ranking. My email id is


      oie_transparent (3)     

For  Travel Bloggers listed here:


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Now it is your turn to drop your comments and tell us what you feel about the list and share your thoughts.

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Cheers to Travelling and Blogging

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    Hi Anurag,

    I appreciate the good work done by you. However, I would like to clarify a few things. And have some queries as well.

    1) I was never approached or contacted for this and probably that is the reason why my bio, which was copied from my blog, projects incomplete picture. Also, my social media handles, contact mail-id etc. are missing. Kindly send me your questionnaire so that I can fill it up & send you across.
    2) The numbering in your list & excel sheet do not match. Any reason?
    3) Have you also taken the Google page rank into consideration?

    • Anurag says:

      Hi Nisha,

      We are glad you liked the post.
      We tried to contact you through twitter but was not of much help. So we had to take up the data from your blog. Please send us your details @
      The numbering doesn’t match that is true because we never said that it was the only excel sheet made for the analysis. But this was the last one before the final one. This sheet has the names in random order. Many other names are not in sync with the list.
      PR was not taken into account.

  28. Rahul says:

    You guys are awesome. That is the exactly what i was looking for. Thanks much.

  29. Rajesh says:

    Congratulations to all.

  30. Deepti Asthana says:

    I second the above listing, carefully chosen names. My favourite always remain shooting star though for the kind of path she takes. Please visit this as well, hope you would like my pictures and writing.

  31. Siddhartha Joshi says:

    Great list guys! I also do video blogging and sharing it link here as it might be a useful resource for many 🙂

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