Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide [ Best 8 Days Vacation to Singapore in just under 1 lakh ]

Planning to travel to Singapore for vacation? Good choice but don’t get too enticed with the itineraries many travel agents share with you. The travel agents won’t share an itinerary that covers up all the good places in Singapore in 8 days and that too in just 1 lakh budget I can guarantee on that. We suggest going on the trip on your own and save more than 50k per person. Believe me it will be a lot of fun and adventure for you. Just follow this Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide and you are more than good to go on this trip to Singapore – Island of Adventure.

We promise you won’t miss out on any activity or places in Singapore vacation with this itinerary.

Travel singapore budget and places
Travel singapore budget and places

Another good thing is I will share with you the best 2 days you will spend on a royal cruise which is also included in the 1 lakh budget I shared. Shocked? , don’t be because i will also tell you what you should definitely do and what you can miss without any tension in Singapore vacation which will further reduce your cost of vacation and you can do some shopping instead. Does that sound exciting to you? So are you ready to uncover the great Singapore vacation guide or diary which will give you the best 8 days in Singapore?

Oh sorry I forgot to add 1 more important point for you. The budget of 1 lakh here includes your flight ticket as well. Yes you heard it right, many travellers will say the budget is less and they won’t include the flight tickets which is a real bummer. But we will give you a well created itinerary starting from home and back to your sweet home.

So let’s discuss what all is included in the itinerary and the costing now.


Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide

Flight Tickets

Return flight to home will cost you around 25k. Do the booking on time and with some discount vouchers in place, you can even get this done in just 20k. Yes that is true. We did the tickets for 2 people (me and my wife for 42k) but later the flight got canceled just 15 days before the departure date which forced us to buy another ticket for 50k.

Note :– Don’t Book Malaysian flights, they tend to get canceled at the last moments. We booked Malindo and they have not refund us back for the flight cancellation till now.

Singapore travel guide - visa and flights
Singapore travel guide – visa and flights

Visa Cost

6K for 1 person.  It cost us more than what it actually cost. Yes this is true. The actual cost of visa per person is just 3k + 500 INR commission by the visa agent. So why did we have to pay almost double the price? The reason was we had to bear the cost of a passport courier from Bangalore to Delhi and back and we did that with priority courier services which are extra chargeable.

Plus our agent (skywalk travels) was not good. He charged us extra by making multiple reasons like the passport photo is not clear, need these extra docs as well and what not. We somehow managed to land with a visa for 12k for 2 people. I am not going to that visa agent again.

I would suggest you also not to go to that agent for a visa. These are my reviews and i think it is best if we share such info with other travellers, so that these looters running business without ethics should know happy customers are returning customers. His business name is “skywalktravels dot com”


Stay in Singapore Vacation

24K for 4 days in a Good Hotel (3 star rating).  Now this price is very dicey and completely depends on your choice of hotel booking. Average cost of stay in Singapore is quite high and since we were on a vacation to explore and discover new things in Singapore, we didn’t bother to book a very classy hotel with a swimming pool or big rooms. Anyways you will enjoy more than just swimming pool on the cruise my friend then why bother booking a big hotel room and spend that money on something you won’t be having time to enjoy.

Now if you are traveling alone, then I suppose you should take a much cheaper stay, because you just want a roof to sleep over the nights. Daytime you anyways will be wandering around singapore. This may cost you just 12k for 4 days (2 star hotel)


Are you writing all this or not? If not , worry not, we have tabulated all at the end of the article for you. But in order to understand all this money business, I suppose it is a good idea to read once and then jump to the final table below.

In the final table we have shared our expenditure for 2 people and also the best price you can get on anything per person. Cool right, now you can do your own bookings and just match up with the prices we have shared and you are all set.

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So what all we have covered till now ?

Flights are booked, Visas are done, Stay in Singapore is also done. 3 Major things are completed now.

So you see you have done these 3 things in just 36k if you are traveling alone. But if you are a couple or 2 people then it costs just 71k.


Singapore Vacation guide - Singapore itinerary
Singapore Vacation guide – Singapore itinerary

What other Important things are left ?

You still have 4 days to stay somewhere and also traveling costs within Singapore are still not done. Plus you have the food expenses also to consider. Do you think we will be able to do that within budget?

Yes, of course we can do this. My wife and I did this without any trouble.

I will tell you a secret here.

Travel agents are very clever and they don’t share the actual scenario in singapore vacation itinerary. They will say private cabs are very costly (which they are in reality) and SIC is the cheaper travel solution. SIC is seat in coach basis which is nothing but group travel in a VAN with other fellow travellers. BUT that is not the case.

You have a much better solution in hand. The Singapore Metro and Bus. Believe me every point in Singapore is well connected with metro stations and buses. There are maps all over Singapore to help you guide where and how to travel. 

I will give you another good backup solution. Go to google and get the maps for each location you want to travel to in singapore and get that printed out before you travel to singapore. We did that and it helped a lot. This was my wife’s idea and she saved us a lot of time there in singapore vacation. 


Go well prepared my friend, that is the key for a happy and adventurous trip.

I went with all things prepared and even with many backup plans for each case. Me and my wife worked on our vacation plan to singapore for more than 10 days and we finally think we made a good memorable trip.

If you wanna know what all things you should be carrying, what all backup plans you should be having, what all mistakes you should be avoiding in Singapore vacation, then check out our other post here.

There are some FAQ for your help in another post here –> “Vacation plans FAQs

We have also shared some more insights into what all things to remember while traveling to Singapore for your help. 


Like should you buy a sim card in Singapore ? 

Where can you keep your luggage if your flight is late at night and you have done hotel checkout?

How’s the crowd in singapore?

Are people helpful in singapore?

What not to do in singapore?

And many more such questions which you should know before visiting a foreign land like singapore.

Check this post here for answers :- “Vacation plans FAQs


Ok enough of gup-shup, let’s get back to the cost of travel inside the city. We took a metro card which cost us 60$ SGD for 2 people. 5$ is the card cost which is non-refundable and rest 25$ was the amount credited in that card. Good thing is, you can use the same metrocard in the buses also in singapore. So no more hard currency business.

When I say $ here, this is Singapore dollar. So 60$ SGD means we spended 3600 INR overall in the travel cost inside singapore.

Amazed or shocked? So cheap, right. And it was fast and convenient at all points. You don’t have to wait for anything and the frequency of buses and metro is like every 3 to 5 min you will get 1.

So you are saving like minimum 30,000 INR by choosing this option. Travel agents will ask for 30k minimum for travel cost inside singapore.


Singapore budget trip for couples
Singapore budget trip for couples


The Currency Exchange Issue

Where to get the INR converted into SGD ? How to get the SGD before leaving from INDIA?

If you have the same questions in your mind, then you might wanna checkout this article which gives you the answer and best solutions to all such questions you may have.

Article post link –> Vacation plans FAQs

It is always good to take the foreign currency from your home country before visiting the other country and not rely on the exchange counters at airport or outside airports. They are very costly and you will be in great loss.


What about the Food ?

If you are a non-vegetarian, you are not gonna have any problems in singapore. But in case you are vegetarian or even eggetarian, you will have to search for food. Finding vegetarian food is not easy in singapore. There are some options but you will have to take out some time to travel to those locations.

Little India is one option where you will find good vegetarian food. Then there are some cafe in bugis street that can give you vegetarian options. Klarke street is good for having dinner if you are vegetarian. ViVo city mall is also a good option to get vegetarian thai food. Since you are going to visit sentosa, vivo city is the place from where you will board the uni-rail metro service to reach sentosa.

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We used to have milk and chocos in the morning before moving out of the hotel. There are shops in Singapore by the name 7to11 which you will find very often near your hotels. They remain open till 11 in the night and have most of the basic needs for you.

Lunch was usually taken at the places we used to visit like Bird park, sentosa island, universal studios, sea aquarium etc.

Don’t worry about these places to visit in singapore, we have a complete list shared in this article ahead.


Food Expenses in Singapore

So now for food we took a budget estimate of 100$ SGD per day for 2 people, which means it will cost 50$ SGD per person.

For 8 Days in Singapore, we took a total of 600$ SGD currency with us. Now you might be confused with math here which is fine because i will explain to you how we did this calculation.

Firstly the estimate of 100$ SGD was on the higher side of the cost, when 70$ SGD is the average cost of food in Singapore for 3 meals a day, so we took an extra margin and hence 100$ SGD per day. Now we are gonna be on a cruise of 3 days and 3 nights so i suppose we can say we will have to look for only 5 days worth of food expenses. Yes the food was included in the cruise ticket. We will tell you more about cruise in the next paragraph, don’t worry.

So the total was 500 SGD$ for food and the rest of the 100$ SGD was for other unknown expenses which might happen. This is for 2 people. You can similarly do the calculation for a single person and it would come out to be around 350$ SGD.


NOTE :- The 60$ we spent on the metro was not from outside budget, but from the same 600$ SGD hard cash we had.

So we will cover this food, metro (internal transport) and shopping in Singapore for 600$ SGD for 2 people and 350$ for 1 person.

600 SGD is equal to 35000 INR approximately

and 350 SGD is equal to 20,000 INR approximately.


Cruise time in Singapore

Do you wanna cruise in the international waters of Singapore with a layover for 8 hours in malaysia? If yes then take the Royal Caribbean Cruise “Spectrum of the Seas”. It was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed our 3 night stay on the cruise.

Now the complete process of boarding and deboarding the cruise is kinda a different from flights and we have discussed everything in detail about the cruise experience in our other post which you can check out here –> ” Singapore Cruise Experience

There were lots of activities and lots of theater time on the cruise. Many whirlpools and swimming pools for your enjoyment and relaxation and all time food at no extra cost available on cruise. This is just the tip of the iceberg my friend. We have more to share with you about the cruise, like what was the best thing about it and what was not and what can be the change they can do for a much better experience. If you really wanna know about this and all then do check out the new post here –> ” Singapore Cruise Experience


Vacation singapore budget and itinerary
Vacation singapore budget and itinerary


Cost of the Cruise

Now the cost of the cruise is very high for a single person but if you are 2 then it is in budget. Cost for the interior stateroom without window (lowest in the grade) is around 600$ USD, which comes out to be 48000 INR. They will add up some charges on service and that will be 14$ per day per person. So add another 87$ which makes the total cost of boarding the cruise as 54000 INR approx. (The Dollars here are USD, please remember)

Yes the cost is really high but considering a one time experience and 3 meals per day and staying for 2 people, i think it was fine. The staterooms we booked cost us around 54000 INR and that was a good room, in fact better than the 3 star hotel of singapore. 

You can also choose other low cost cruises in Singapore for your experience but I cannot comment on the service and facilities they share. This cruise is a self tested experience and i liked it. In fact my next cruise will be again with them only but in some other country and some other experience.


Budget Left for us in Singapore

Now I think we have hit the 1 lakh per person budget for Singapore if you are traveling alone. Yes traveling solo is gonna cost you more because you cannot share rooms and charges anywhere. So total for solo travel till now is 1,06,250 INR. Impressive isn’t it? The only thing which is not part of this cost is your tickets for various tourist places in singapore. If you think this is not impressive than lets check out the cost of 2 people (couple) for the same itinerary to singapore.

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Traveling as a couple like I did, you would have spent just 1,58,000 INR till now. Now this is cool, because you have covered almost everything now except for the tickets for different places.


Singapore Travel Guide is not over yet

Ultimate Singapore Vacation Guide is not over yet. We still have more in the bag to share with you.

Now all is done except the ticket booking for various places in singapore like the universal studio, sea aquarium, jurong bird park etc. First you might be looking for an itinerary that covers all such good places to see in Singapore and making a list. Don’t worry we have that handy for you here.

We have also added some places which we decided not to do due to lack of time, but you can always decide for yourself.

Anything which is marked with * is what we decided to visit in singapore and anything which has ** it must not be missed based on our experience. In simple words ** means very good experience and * means just good. 

To know more about our experiences at various places in singapore you can check out our next post here –> ” Activities to do in Singapore

We have shared much more detailed insights in this article. Details about what you can carry inside these parks and what is the best time to go and how you should start visiting these parks is discussed in detail.


Places to see in Singapore

Singapore places to visit
Singapore places to visit

Jurong Bird Park *

Universal Studio **

Night Safari Singapore *

Singapore Zoo

Sea Aquarium **

SkylineLuge Ride and sky ride **

Madame Tussauds **

Cable Car Ride

Singapore River Wonders

Gardens by the Bay – Flower Dome + Cloud forest **

Floral Fantasy **

Art Science Museum *

Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck *

Jewel @ Changi Airport 

Singapore Duck Tour

Sky Helix

Merlion Statue *

LittleIndia *


Now you must be wondering where we can go to book tickets for all these places? No need to rely on travel agents for these. They will charge you extra for no reason. We booked all our tickets on the klook website. Booking was easy and simple and you just need to remember that some of these places need you to book timing as well after booking the tickets. So keep track of the mail once you do the ticket bookings.

This is really simple and based on my experience I can say the website is genuine and authentic. You won’t face any issues if you do the ticket booking on time.


See the reviews we have for each of the places mentioned above in this post here :-  Activities to do in Singapore


Cost of all the Ticket Bookings

Total cost we need to calculate for all the ticket bookings we did for Singapore Tourist Places.

Can you make a wild guess ?

Total cost for all the bookings marked with * above in the list was 42,800 INR for 2 people.

So per person the cost can be half which will be 21,400 INR only.


** If you want to know the breakup of the total cost then you can check this post :- (Coming Soon)


A Secret Tip for you :– Book the express pass for the ride in universal studio. It will cost some extra but it is worth taking. You will not be able to enjoy without this pass unless you don’t like rides that give adrenaline rush like roller coaster rides.


So now the final total for 2 people in singapore vacation comes around 1,80,000 INR which is really good given that we covered some shopping also like buying souvenirs or toys. Now you still have 20,000 INR for shopping if you want to. 

Happy Shopping and Fun Singapore Vacation


ActivityCost for CoupleCost for Solo Travel
Flight Tickets (return ticket included)40,000 INR20,000 INR
Visa7000 INR3,500 INR
Hotels (4 days)24,000 INR12,000 INR
Food and shopping29,000 INR14,500 INR
Internal Transport4500 INR2250 INR
Tourist Ticket cost42,800 INR21,400 INR
Cruise54,000 INR54,000 INR
Total 2,01,300 INR1,27,650 INR





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