Best Vietnam Vacation – 23 Vietnam Places to Visit and Things to do in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. It’s one of the most popular travel destinations in the region, and it has something to offer everyone. Beaches on sparkling coasts, lush jungles and rivers, ancient pagodas and temples, bustling cities, and tiny villages haven’t changed much since the last century.

Vietnam Vacation guide and holiday plan
Vietnam Vacation guide and holiday plan

Vietnam has many Vietnam holiday destinations and attractions for tourists, like Ha Long Bay, Halong Bay cruise tours from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City, and Lang Co beach resort near Danang city, where you can spend your Vietnam vacation or honeymoon with your loved one.

This article will help you create an amazing itinerary for Vietnam Vacation. Find out the best places you should visit during your Vietnam vacation. And you will also get an idea about the many different things to do in Vietnam to make your trip beautiful, memorable, and romantic.


Amazing Vietnam Vacation – 23 Vietnam Places to Visit


1. Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is a city with a rich history and culture. The French Quarter is full of old colonial buildings, and you can visit the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and the Temple of Literature. In Hanoi, you should also visit the One Pillar Pagoda and Hoa Lo Prison (Hanoi Hilton), which was used as a prison by both sides during the Vietnam War.


2. Ha long Bay

Ha long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s a beautiful place to visit, with thousands of limestone islands, floating villages, and caves. Ha long Bay is home to many species of flowers and plants and rare animals like the spotted deer or red-headed langur monkey. The best way to enjoy this beautiful bay is by taking an overnight cruise through it on board a luxury boat.

ha long bay
ha long bay

Ha long Bay is one of the most visited Vietnam holiday destinations, but it’s not just for tourists! If you are going there, then make sure to bring your camera because this place will take your breath away! You’ll see limestone karsts rising straight out of the emerald waters and hundreds of caves carved into their sides by wind, rain, waves, and time!

Halong Bay is popular for its gorgeous emerald-hue waters, astonishing waterside caves, and beautiful tree-topped islands. It’s a gorgeous location for adventure seekers. You can enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing in and around Cat Ba National Park. For those travellers who wish to simply relax, have a pleasure stay and enjoy the views, they can choose cruises which ranges from basic to top-level luxury. These Cruise tours often provide full meals, great nightlife activities and some good excursion stops where islands, caves and lagoons can be easily explored.

The best time to visit Ha long Bay is between November and February, when the weather is mild and dry. You can also visit in April, May, June, September, and October, but it will be hotter during those months. Try to avoid the monsoon season and keep a track of the weather forcasting.


3. Ho Chi Minh City

best vietnam holiday destinations
best vietnam holiday destinations

Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) is the largest city in Vietnam and its economic, political and cultural center. It is one of the most popular and most visited Vietnam holiday destinations. The city has been known by various names, including Saigon, Prey Nokor, Long Thanh, and Gia Dinh. It is also home to many monuments and buildings built during French colonial rule.

The city has a vibrant nightlife scene, with bars and nightclubs open until late at night. There are plenty of museums in Ho Chi Minh City, too; over 30 different museums are open to visitors! And if you’re visiting Ho Chi Minh City with kids, they’ll love visiting one of the many parks around this part of Vietnam.

The city is a great place to visit if you’re interested in learning more about Vietnam’s history or want to see some of the most famous sites and monuments. Ho Chi Minh City is also home to many temples, museums, parks, and restaurants that serve delicious Vietnamese food.

Whatever your interests are, there is something to do here for everyone. You can head to the top of the Saigon Skydeck for an astonishing 360-degree view of the city. This is especially very impressive at night when the lights twinkle on below.


4. Ninh Binh Province

Ninh Binh province is one of the natural Vietnam holiday destinations that is famous for its limestone mountains, caves, and historical sites.

The province has many beautiful beaches, such as the Ba Ham Bay in Bai Thuong village, near Nhat Thanh commune. This beach has white sand and clear blue water. Mountains on three sides surround it, so it feels like you’re swimming in an ocean-side cave with fish swimming around you.

Ninh Binh province also boasts some great temples: Tran Quoc Pagoda on Mount Tran Quoc; the Temple of Literature; Dinh Huong Cham Towers; and Ngoc Son Temple (also known as Tam Coc), among others.

You can take in eye catching views from the 500 stairs of Mua Caves. There is also a great  UNESCO World Heritage Site Trang An which you can explore.

Exploring beautiful hidden temples and exploring the sets of the movie “Kong: Skull Island” is just awe dropping. You need to squeeze your way under hundreds of meters of river caves which gives you a different level of fun, trill and excitement.

The best time to visit this spot is during the wet season (May-October). You can take a boat trip from Nhat Thanh commune or follow the coastal road for about 1 hour until reaching Bai Thuong Beach.

Vietnam vacation holiday
Vietnam vacation holiday


5. Nha Trang

Nha Trang is a coastal city in the south of Vietnam. It’s known for its long beach, which is lined with hotels and restaurants. The nightlife scene is also lively, featuring bars and clubs.

Nha Trang is an excellent place to go for relaxing beach Vietnam holiday destinations, or if you’re looking for something more adventurous, it’s also close to Phan Thiet (where the Mui Ne Sand Dunes are located).

The city has a good climate, being situated close to the sea. The average temperature is around 28°C (82°F) in January and 29°C (84°F) in July.

It is a famous location for beach side laid back atmosphere and great scuba diving. It do offers some good warm water for beach side fun and also picturesque offshore backgrounds. Most of the beach side activities like kitesurfing, surfing, snorkeling or cycling along the promenade are available here. You can also go for a soak in the Hot spring or Thap Ba Mud Bath or take a ride on the longest cross-sea cable car in the world. So if you want to try covering your body in mud, go for it.

6. Da Nang

Vietnam vacation guide - holiday places to visit
Vietnam vacation guide – holiday places to visit

Da Nang is a coastal city in Vietnam. It is located in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam, on the South China Sea coast of the country. Da Nang is the third largest city in Vietnam by population, behind Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

Da Nang has a strong tourism industry, with many historical sites such as Marble Mountains, Cham Museum, and Tran Quoc Pagoda being popular destinations for tourists to visit. You can even explore hidden caves and temples here. The city also attracts many visitors due to its proximity to famous beaches such as My Khe Beach and Da Nang Beach Resort.

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If you want to go for sunset view point, try driving up and over Tho Quang. It is a large mountain located right by the water. View is amazing from top here. Another place that will be a must visit here is the Golden Bridge.


7. Sapa

Sapa, a town in the north of Vietnam, is a popular place for tourists to visit. It is situated at 1,500 meters (4,921 ft) above sea level in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range. The area has many waterfalls and lakes that are good for hiking and trekking.

The climate in Sapa is temperate, with very little rain because it rains only one week per month during summertime. However, you should be prepared for sudden temperature changes when you go outside because cold fronts can blow through quickly in this region.

Sapa is an excellent place to visit during summer because it is warm, sunny, and dry. The winter months are cold and wet, so you should not go there if you want to avoid the cold.

You can try trekking through rice paddies and rural villages which remain untouched by tourism. Also try and trek to the clouds of Fansipan – Vietnam’s highest peak


8. Mui Ne Beach

Mui Ne Beach is located in the province of Khanh Hoa. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, with a long stretch of white sand and clear blue waters.

One popular activity at Mui Ne Beach is to visit the sand dunes. The sand dunes are located about 20km from the main village of Phan Thiet and can be reached by taxi or motorbike. The dunes are beautiful, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity if you get the chance! Many tour companies offer tours to these beautiful natural formations for those who want a more organized Vietnam vacation with their friends or family!

vietnam places to visit - vietnam vacation
Vietnam places to visit – Vietnam vacation


9. Da Lat

Da Lat is a popular destination for those looking to escape the heat of the Mekong Delta. Nestled in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam, Da Lat is blessed with incredible weather year-round. Its elevation means temperatures are much lower than in other parts of Vietnam. It’s an ideal place to visit if you want to escape sweltering humidity while enjoying breathtaking views and nature walks.

Da Lat has many attractions, including Lang Biang Mountain Pass, a popular hiking trail; Khai Trung Lake Park; Da Lat Botanical Garden; and many more historical sites like Mieu Temple and Pagoda Bao Quoc Pagoda. You can also take part in various activities, such as cycling through rice fields or kayaking down rivers!

Ho Chi Minh City might be right up your alley if you’re looking for something more urban! Home to over 8 million people, this city will give you an authentic taste of what life is like here during the Vietnam vacation without too much hustle and bustle going on around your every step.

vietnam vacation tips - places to visit in vietnam
vietnam vacation tips – places to visit in vietnam


10. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is a national park in the central highlands of Vietnam. It is located in the province of Quang Binh, approximately 200 km from Hanoi. Hoi An is a city on the central coast of Vietnam, in the province of Quang Nam. It lay on the banks of the Thu Bon River and was an important port during Vietnam’s French colonial period.

It is a great escape from the city, where you can cycle through Kong jungles at your own pace. The surrounding jungle offers trekking and mountain biking opportunities to the more adventurous hearts. With a history of 400 million-year-old karst mountains, you will find hundreds of caves and secretive rivers to explore. The Son Doong Cave is a must visit point here. It is one of the largest caves on Earth and also home to its very own hidden jungle, microclimate, and Underground River.

The park has some of the world’s highest numbers of undetonated bombs due to its war history and due to this you will find heavy military presence here. Due to this, visitors are allowed only with a licensed tour guide.

It is called the Adventure capital of Asia because of the great activities you can do here in the jungle.

Only 30 out of 500 caves here are accessible to visitors. Among these, the most famous ones are :- Hang Over Cave, Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, Elephant Cave, Dark Cave, Tra Ang Cave, Hang E Cave and the Son Doong Cave.

beautiful paradise cave in vietnam
beautiful paradise cave in Vietnam


11. Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi is a district in Ho Chi Minh City province, located on the city’s western edge. This area was heavily bombed during the Vietnam War and became one of the main headquarters for Viet Cong fighters.

In addition to its historical significance, Cu Chi is well known for being home to some of Vietnam’s best hotels and restaurants. Visitors can explore this area by taking a tour through one of many underground tunnels still intact today. Or learn more about its unique culture at local museums like Phuoc Tuy Museum or Cu Chi Tunnels Museum (the former being located just outside Ho Chi Minh City).


12. Golden Bridge

The name “Golden Bridge” was given because of its color and because it looks like a golden dragon when viewed from above. The Golden Bridge, or Cau Rong Bridge, is located in the city of Da Nang. It was built in the early 2000s to connect the two islands of Hon Tre and Non Nuoc, which are both major tourist attractions.

The bridge has been called “the most beautiful bridge in Vietnam” by many people who’ve traveled there and it is the ideal Vietnam location to visit.

The Golden Bridge is located in Da Nang City, which is one of the largest cities in Vietnam. The bridge spans over approximately 1,900 meters (1.2 miles) of water and connects Hon Tre Island (the larger island) with the mainland.


golden bridge vietnam places to visit
golden bridge vietnam places to visit


13. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is the largest island in Vietnam, and it’s known for its beaches, resorts, wildlife, and seafood. The island has become one of Southeast Asia’s most popular tourist destinations because it offers excellent beaches and all-inclusive resorts.

Phu Quoc has many great Vietnam places to visit: Paradise Bay, Ba Sanh Beach, and Nguyen Trai Street are just a few examples. Check out the mentioned locations if you visit Phu Quoc Island during your Vietnam vacation!

The island is off the southwestern coast of Vietnam in the Gulf of Thailand. It’s surrounded by small islands like Koh Tien (or Tiger Island), famous for its dive sites, An Thoi Island; Cai Beo Beach; Hon Chong Island, and many more!

The island of Phu Quoc is under the Special Economic Zone and thus allow tourists to stay for longer without visa as well. Clean beaches, zoo safaris, modern aquarium and different entertainment parks can be explored and enjoyed while staying here. Delicious and lip-sacking food can be enjoyed with ocean sunset view in the background. Hiring a scooter is easy and fun to drive in the small island exploration. 


14. Con Dao Islands

Con Dao Islands are located off the coast of Vietnam, in the South China Sea. Con Dao is a popular destination for tourists seeking quiet and relaxing Vietnam holiday destinations and those who want to explore nature on their trip. Its beaches are ideal for swimming or sunbathing during the day, while its caves and other natural attractions give you plenty to do at night.

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Con Dao is also a great place to relax and unwind during a tiring Vietnam vacation through Vietnam’s major cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. If you’re looking for an island getaway, Con Dao will provide you with everything you need!

The islands of Con Dao are part of the Vung Tau archipelago, located in the South China Sea. The archipelago consists of more than 30 islands, with Con Dao being the largest and most popular destination for tourists.

Con Dao Islands Vietnam beaches
Con Dao Islands Vietnam beaches


15. Cat Ba Island

The Cat Ba Island is easily reachable via bus. The island is beautiful and peaceful. You can hire a bike or join a tour boat to enjoy the beauty of the island.

It has a national park as well which covers a large area of the island. To get the complete view of the island from the top, one has to hike a trip to the old fort on top of the mountain. It gives a panoramic view of the harbour and town below. 2 days are enough to explore the island.

It is also known as the paradise for snorkelling lovers. The island is the best place to indulge in any type of sport activities. It is the largest of the islands in Halong Bay. You can experience trekking, hiking, water sports and snorkelling all here.


16. Dau Be Island

The Island is particularly famous for its attraction of Ba Ham Lake that consists of three ocean basins and is connected to a cave. It has lots of floura and fauna to explore. The cave is famous for its amazing rock formations, beautiful landscapes, and is a must visit place in Vietnam. 

Snorkelling and scuba diving is available to relish the beauty of the underwater world.


17. Ti Top Island

A small isolated island in Vietnam is known for its crescent shape moon beach and lush green mountains. Enjoy the foods and local seafood delicacies during your time here. All water sports are available to enjoy.

Holiday destination - Vietnam vacation
Holiday destination – Vietnam vacation

18. Cham Island

The island is known for its serene beauty and marine Biodiversity. Declared as the UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve, it is perfect location to indulge in activities like scuba diving, snorkelling, sun bathing, etc. Don’t forget to take your camera and capture the most hypnotizing sunrise scenery.


19. Bai Tu Long Bay

Alternative to Ha Long Bay is Bai Tu Long Bay. Since Ha Long Bay is now becoming more crowded and increase in the footfall has raised many other issues, people prefer to visit a more peaceful yet amazing destination. You can easily spend a day or 2 here while enjoying kayaking, swimming in the clear waters of the bay and also exploring caves. Spend time in a homestay here where you can enjoy cooking home food with family, explore the island on foot or take a bike.

kissing rocks at ha long bay in vietnam
kissing rocks at ha long bay in vietnam


20. Lan Ha Bay

It is one of the best offbeat islands with incredible beaches in Vietnam which are untouched and sureal. The turquoise blue waters and white-sand beaches call you more than anything. With lush surroundings, every attraction of the island is exquisite. It offered many adventures like swimming, kayaking, caving, rock climbing, trekking, etc.

21. Mekong Delta

Its is a lush network of waterways in Vietnam and is well known for its excellent nutrient-rich soils and diverse ecosystems. Filled with lily pad waterways, mangroves, rice paddies, and enchanting wildlife, Mekong Delta is an extraordinary place.

Connected with buses and motorbikes, visitors can explore the towns here which are considered really pretty and eye soothing. You can even take a boat trip, paddled by a local in a wooden canoe, for the Mekong unforgettable experience. You will be passing by farmlands, fruit orchards, monkey bridges, water buffalo, and floating markets, witnessing the everyday life on the river.

Best or Ideal time to visit here is the dry season between December and July.


22. Ban Gioc Waterfall

An iconic way to mark the Vietnam-China border – Ban Gioc is the name given to the waterfall which comes along the Quay Son River. It is not a single waterfall, but two colliding waterfalls located in the Trung Khanh District. The Cao Bang is on Vietnam’s side, and Daxin County, Guangxi on China’s side. The sight of the waterfall is breathtaking because of the big size of this huge waterfall. The way the falls cascade down its rocky, limestone face is most astonishing. There are caves to explore, local homestays to experience good food to great ambience.


23. Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An is a must on your ‘places to visit in Vietnam’ list. This historic town has activities for anyone looking for small-town vibes. The town houses many wooden Chinese shophouses, decorative Vietnamese tube houses, the mesmerizing Old Bridge built by the Japanese and colorful French colonial buildings. The town has great beaches to drive by, arts connected to history and amazing food for foodies. 


things to do in vietnam
things to do in vietnam

What are the Romantic Things to do in Vietnam?

There are a number of romantic honeymoon things you can plan in Vietnam to make your trip more memorable and a lovely experience. Vietnam vacation can be your romantic gateway or your honeymoon destination. Vietnam Leisure vacation, where you can chill out with your love partner and create those romantic moments that leads to intimate connections.

8 Romantic Escape to Vietnam

1. Sunset Cruise

You can plan a sunset cruise and a romantic night out with your partner.

2. Walk along the riverside

Romantic cafes along Hoi An’s riverside gives you the great opportunity to enjoy the mood and romance. 

3. Capture Sunrise over Halong Bay

4. Beach Dinner in Danang

There are plenty of options to define how you want to have candle light dinner and many other outdoor options for your romantic settings that can be done on request.

5. Discover Vietnam’s mountains on Seaplane

Planes which are small enough to land on water and can take off from water. Give your partner a great view from the top of the mountains.

6. Take a Cooking class or a Fishing class

7. Romantic Cycling Trip

Renting a bike is easy in Vietnam. A bike tour of Vietnam would be a great way to spend quality time together alone while exploring the beautiful city.

8. Explore the Floating markets

Discover this unique side of Vietnam vacation by visiting one of its many floating markets. The largest and most famous market is Cholon.


Wanna plan your Honeymoon in Vietnam ? Want to find out the best romantic resorts in Vietnam ? Also want to know what all romantic things to do in Vietnam ?

Then you do not need to search any further, check out a special article just for your romantic honeymoon settings and romantic escape to the Vietnam here :- ” Article link here



Vietnam Expedition

Vietnam is a place filled with unexpected delights, spectacular natural beauty, and rich cultural traditions.

vietnam vacation places to see
vietnam vacation places to see

Vietnam has a lot to offer to tourists when they head there for a Vietnam vacation. A visit there will be an unforgettable experience for you and your loved ones.

Vietnamese food is delicious, especially street food! Vietnamese people are friendly and hospitable. They love to share their culture with you through cooking or singing performances if you want them to!

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There are many great things to explore in Vietnam holiday destinations that you can visit: Ho Chi Minh City (also known as Saigon), Hanoi, and Dalat. All three cities have beautiful architecture, which shows their history, and modern buildings that show what life is like today in Vietnam. There are also beautiful sites around these areas such as mountains where you can hike up them or visit waterfalls where cool misty air floats around all year round during certain seasons because of its location near the equator each year.


Things about Vietnam that you should know

Before going to Vietnam there are several things that may come across your mind. And the answers to some of such things are:


  • What is the weather like in Vietnam?

Vietnam is one of the most diverse countries in Southeast Asia. With more than 3,000 islands and many rivers, it has a tropical climate that varies from north to south. The average temperature is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (68-86 Fahrenheit) throughout the country.

The South has a rainy season from May through October, when heavy downpours can occur throughout the day and cause flooding in low-lying areas. The North has cooler winters with temperatures as low as 7 °C (45 °F).

Places to visit in Vietnam holiday vacation guide
Places to visit in Vietnam holiday vacation guide


  • When is the best time to visit Vietnam for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Vietnam for a honeymoon is between December and February. This is the dry season, so the weather is warm and pleasant, but not too hot. The prices are also lower during this time because there aren’t as many tourists around.

However, you can visit any time of year—it just depends on what you want to do. For example, if you’re interested in experiencing Vietnamese culture then visiting during Tet (Vietnamese New Year) would be ideal because it’s one of their biggest celebrations of the year!


  • Is it safe to travel to Vietnam?

Yes, it is safe to travel to Vietnam. It’s a friendly country and you won’t find any major health concerns or safety issues. The crime rate is low and Vietnam has no history of political violence or civil war in recent memory. You will be completely safe as a tourist from petty theft, but you should always exercise caution regarding your personal belongings in crowded places like markets and buses.

There are also no restrictions for women traveling alone in Vietnam, so if you’re planning on going solo there’s nothing stopping you from doing so!


  • Why should I go on a honeymoon to Vietnam?

Vietnam is a beautiful country with a lot of things to do. It’s also known for its delicious food and can be an incredibly affordable place to travel, making it the perfect honeymoon destination.

The culture of Vietnam is a great mix of ancient and modern. While visiting, you can also learn about the history and culture of this country while enjoying all its natural beauty. There are so many romantic things to do in Vietnam and we have already mentioned some of them above.

The best way to explore Vietnam is by getting out of the cities and into the countryside. There are so many beautiful beaches, temples and other natural wonders that you can visit.

Vietnam holiday destinations
Vietnam holiday destinations
  • Is Vietnam expensive?

The cost of living in Vietnam is lower than most Western countries. It is a very affordable country to visit, especially compared to its neighbours such as Singapore and Thailand. Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in the world to visit.

Vietnam is one of the best value destinations in the world, with several cities offering excellent food at prices comparable with those found at home. In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City you can expect to find good quality street food for around $1-2 USD per meal.


  • Which language is spoken in Vietnam?

The official language of Vietnam is Vietnamese. However, English is widely spoken in major cities and tourist areas. French is also quite common, especially in northern Vietnam where it was introduced by French colonialists. Chinese is spoken in the north as well as among those who have immigrated from neighbouring countries such as China and Cambodia.


  • What are the best adventure activities to do in Vietnam?

There are so many adventure activities that you can perform in Vietnam, like hiking the mountains, going river rafting, visiting the floating markets and temples, and visiting the caves. You can also go on a bike trip or motorbike trip to experience how Vietnamese people live their daily lives.

There are so many things you can do in Vietnam that it’s almost impossible to choose just one. We would recommend exploring the cities, going on a motorbike trip through the countryside, swimming with dolphins and going diving.

Things to do in Vietnam - vietnam vacation tips
Things to do in Vietnam – vietnam vacation tips


  • How is the Nightlife in Vietnam?

The Nightlife in Vietnam is vibrant and exciting. There are many nightclubs, bars and lounges in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You will find that there is plenty of nightlife to enjoy during your honeymoon in Vietnam.

The city of Saigon has many great restaurants and cafes where you can relax with a drink or meet up with friends for some drinks after work. It also has a lively bar scene with some fantastic cocktail bars where you can enjoy an evening out with your loved one at one of the best places in town!

There are also some great clubs and bars in Hanoi, which can be found near the Old Quarter. There are many nightclubs to choose from, so you will never be bored during your holiday in Vietnam.


Vietnam plan vacation guide
Vietnam plan vacation guide

Final Thoughts

Vietnam is an easy place to travel for all types of tourists. The country offers a variety of attractions, activities, and experiences for everyone, from backpackers to families with children. We hope that this guide has given you some new ideas on which Vietnam places to visit and what to do when visiting Vietnam!

If you plan a romantic getaway to Vietnam, there is no better time than now. The country offers everything from breathtaking beaches and stunning mountains to world-class cuisine, not to mention the best of both worlds in terms of culture and traditions. Whether it’s Vietnam holiday destinations on a beach or staying close by at one of Vietnam’s many luxury hotels, you and your significant other have plenty of options.

Take some time out this year by planning some adventures and Things to do in Vietnam! Remember that all good things take time, so make sure you have enough days reserved for exploration before making plans too solid. Plenty is going on throughout the year, so don’t worry if you can’t make it now but just plan as far as possible, which will leave room for spontaneity!

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