Which , Where and How to use Images in Blog Post – Best Ways Explained

which type of image to use in blogging
pictures and images to use in blogging

Blogging about something big and posting an article without an image? No you would definitely won’t like to do that neither your readers would like to read such an article that has no image to have some look and feel for the article. Sometimes an article becomes even more interesting with the images you use and present. That is why blogging is also about how you present things to the readers.

Using a new image that can through light on the topic discussed or can express some form of feeling that the reader might have while reading or maybe he will get when he does that is really important to hold readers attention.

Remember the days when you used to visit a book store and while purchasing a book you used to look out for images in the book. You were afraid of reading the content book alone without any printed images and pictures on them. The same thing happens here and although we might now read novels and other business books that have no printed images in them, somewhere inside we still like those kind of book and would admire them more.

So clearly the main motive of using images is to simplify the reader’s understanding and to give more reasons to read the article.

But we need to learn to use best type of images because using any random images without the knowledge of certain points dealing with them, it can also bring down the ranking of your blog.

Points you should remember while selecting, creating or modifying images in your post.

  • The size of the image

Don’t try to put really heavy images on your post. Images which are more than 200kb are difficult to lad and hence take time, thus reducing the loading time of the page and killing your ranking on google. Try not to go for HD images that are very sharp and big. The reason for this is also the same. You can use paint or adobe photoshop to crop the image, reduce the resolution and resize it to your need and display great pictures on your blog without increasing load time of page.

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type of image to use on blog post
type of image to use on blog post
  • Types of image format

There are many formats for images like jpeg, jpg, png etc. It is advisable to use png format images because they are great in terms of picture quality and are not big in memory size. Avoid using flash images because they might land you with some heavy loading pages.

  • Photography Blog

The blog which is image based cannot survive without great HD pictures and true image quality. For such blogs there is one advisable practice that is followed “Try to create a front page that can have great images in place, contained in some moving or sliding container. This way the loading time is somewhat reduced and not much affected.

  • Use Plugin

There are some free wordpress plugins also available that helps you reduce the size of your image over blog while not affecting its quality. They compress the size of the image and yet able to produce small thumbnails.

  • Focus on few best and avoid the rest

Always remember this line and then choose your image for the post. Don’t go with every other image and upload all the images that you come across. Only keep the best and most impressive ones and leave the rest. Try to have unique images and pictures in your blog and try to be creative with your image editing.

  • Re-use

We don’t need many images or pictures if we show some unique creativity. A single image can work multiple times at multiple spaces. Use your wordpress media library to search for old image that you can re-use directly in your post again.


Now the question that pops up in our minds is that how to get good quality images?

You can refer to this to learn about various online sources that can help you get good quality images that are not copyright protected.

Top 11 Ways of How to Get Best Images for your Blog that are not Copyright Protected

Are you using copyright protected images? Did you gave credits to the images you have used? What are the possible results of not doing so and why is this question really important?

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We don’t care to look in this direction of the post but the truth is that it has great effect on our blog. Don’t use images from google source as many bloggers new to the blogging area do and if not warned they never stop using them. Also bloggers who have learned the fact need to know that images without the permission from the source or owner if used on your website need to be removed with immediate action required else laws are there for doing online stealing and cheating. This may also result in the breaking down of your google ranking.

Images on google images appear from various different websites and blogs around the world so you cannot take them to be open to use or free to use.


The Feature image of your post

What is the feature image concept? And what is it used for?

The image that appears as a thumbnail image on the home page or front page of your blog is generally referred to as the feature image. It is the image that is linked with your post and is usually followed by a summary or excerpt of the post. It acts as a banner or pointer to the main article and thus helps in bringing readers into the article page or post.

Any feature image that can arouse curiosity in the mind of the viewer can help you get good traffic and clicks all the way. But you cannot just fool the readers with an attractive image and nothing in the content. The image must have some relation with the content and must be clean and a good fit.

Try to use image that even after shrinking to the size and shape of the thumbnail remains same in quality. Some times when an image is uploaded and set as featured image then some part of that image is automatically cropped out by the tool in order to fit it in the image frame (size of thumbnail) on the front page. This may present poor presentation and the feature image is now of no use since it is not clear what it says. Focus on the size of the image and the feature box size because uneven size cropping is not an option for bloggers.

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A good image can bring you more social engagement via various social networking platforms like twitter and Facebook. Google plus is also one of the best social networking platform and can prove to be a great place to share your images and pictures. A controversial image can go viral easily and that is one hit that you require. But you need to make sure that you are not doing anything illegal or putting unwanted content on internet.

You can see how important your feature image is by knowing the fact that YouTube also gives you the flexibility to choose the feature image from the video that you upload.

Final words

Images and other media part of your blog can help you get good traffic via sources like google images and YouTube. Make sure that images you use are unique or not copyright protected and yes Keep blogging and keep discovering.

Now it is your turn to tell us what you think and what your opinion about the same is. Share your views.



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