Top 10 Digital Innovative Companies in India

The Digital era is the most advanced phase of the human history and has shown growth that has created big benchmarks in terms of quality and performance.

Digital media marketing has a tremendous potential to increase sales and reach millions of people in few seconds. The Digital Marketing and advertisements have captured the marketing groups completely and are continuing to do so because of the various advantages like low budget, huge potential to reach a major portion of the probable customers.

No doubt that India is one of the developing nations and has immense potential to be on the top of the list of the most digitally advanced nation and this can be very well seen with the many top digital and innovative companies and start-ups rising from the grounds of INDIA. The highlights of the TOP innovative and digital firms in India are framed below in the form of small list that will give you the insight of how far we have reached.

top 10 digital marketing companies in india
top 10 digital marketing companies

With this List I think I will be able to help start-ups and technology hungry people in increasing their scope of reference on internet and giving them a path to explore the idea in the digital form so that they can address more consumers and reach millions of people easily. This will also help in addressing their problems of digital marketing and digital technology in any field of development and improving their online automation and performance. This list will serve the purpose of improvising the idea and providing them a platform to start their start-ups marketing and performance solutions. Reach out to these listed firms and find your best guide in terms of right marketing solutions for your business.

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TCS Digital :- Top Indian Brand that has its roots deep into technology. Working in almost all the sectors like IT, real estate,  high tech, health care, government, education, banking softwares, retail infrastructure, electronics market etc it has created a value not only in India but also outside grounds. Innovation and digital ideas are the backbone of TCS Digital. It has a huge list of clients which include ABB, Agilent technologies, Sony, Qualcomm, Nxp Semiconductors, Philips, EMD, Microsoft, British Airways to name a few.

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IBM Digital :- Undertaking digital transformations, IBM has long worked in the field of growing technology and has gained great experience over the fastest growing marketing and developing technological advancements. Taking this key benefits IBM has many clients all over the world that are continuously

Accenture Digital

Working with the tag line “Accenture is Digital , Digital is Accenture”, this is one of the Top digital company in India and has clients from all the corners of the world. It is working in all the digital data types and serving all the areas of business with digital ideas.


A name like Webchutney works with companies like Coca Cola, Airtel, Bacardi, Mastercard, Titan, Budweiser and Wipro. It promises the highest standards of production and creativity in all of its projects. It says that “Ranked no1 Digital Agency in India” with many services like online advertisements, website design, social media marketing, Application development, SEO and analytics, mobile marketing etc.

Alive Now

AliveNow is a full-service award-winning social media agency offering a wide range of social media services and has worked with iconic national and international brands like Hard Rock Cafe, Pepsi, Hyundai, California Pizza Kitchen, Nandos, Chevrolet, KIA, Subaru, ITC, Prestige TTK, Kitchens of India, Reliance Trends, PVR Cinemas, Cycle Agarbathies, Mahindra Retail, Aditi Technologies, and more.


TO THE NEW Digital :- TO THE NEW Digital is a premium digital services company that combines the power of technology, analytics, marketing and content for digital transformation. With a team of over 600 people which includes technology evangelists, social media experts, content specialists, and creative mavericks they have transformed businesses of more than 300 companies spread across 30 countries worldwide. TO THE NEW Digital is also a strategic partner of many global companies including Google, Amazon Web Services (AWS), YouTube, DataStax and MongoDB

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Working in the social media marketing, “digital marketing”, creative marketing, marketing planning and budgeting, Media buying and planning, Technology marketing etc, this single platform gives your business all the windows to look into and choose your best solutions.

Avignyata Inc

Avignyata Inc. is a Social Media Marketing Consultancy with the idea to create a marketing ripple for brands across social networks.
Started as a 2 member team in 2007 has today, grown into a 30-member strong task force.
Their objective is to develop a virtual ubiquity for the brands that we work with, incorporate all the areas that have a positive impact on the brand, help them analyze their online outreach and promote them as a Social Media entity.

Windchimes Communication:- One of the emerging startup in India, it focuese on providing digital solutions that are necessary to take your online project to great heights and realize the potential by enabling it to reach a million more online.

It shake hands with Godrej Electronics, Bajaj Aliance, Ponds, Redbull, HUL, GMR, Studio18, NDTV network, reliance , ebay to name a few of the big market masters.

Sapient Nitro

AUDI, Ferrai, Coca Cola, Fiat, Harley Davidson, HUGO boss,  Marks & Spencer,  Staples, Unilever etc to be the top brands that Sapient has worked with or is working with. They are a bunch of curious, smart, creative and Passionate people looking to reimagine what is possible when technology and story meets.

Interactive Avenues

They lay their hands in all the digital media like SEO, Website, online Advertisements,  Social media marketing, Search media etc. It is part of the IPG Mediabrands family, the global media holding company of Interpublic Group and a full-service media network

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Let’s say that India is on the track of becoming the most digitally advanced country and no doubt with great leading firms growing in India, the day is not far when India will actually be the one point of contact for all the best digital frameworks and markets. Tell us what you think, share the list to spread the word that digital india is not only a dream now, it is a motion that has started and will become more strong now.


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