10 Different Types of Cryptocurrency You Can Invest In

A cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital/virtual currency represented by a non-replicable string of code transferred between users. Therefore, they are a new form of money, which generates a new monetary world since it changes the way of thinking about it, from how to store and transfer it to organizing and understanding it, which generates a multitude of financial effects. There are many different types of cryptocurrency that is now available online.

Unlike other financial assets, fluctuations are not always related to the behaviour of the cryptocurrency, an industrial sector, or a company. In the case of Bitcoin, the best known, in the last year its exchange value has almost multiplied by ten. But it is not the only digital currency that has grown over the past few years.


Different Types of Cryptocurrency online
Different Types of Cryptocurrency online

Different Types of Cryptocurrency

With thousands of different types of cryptocurrency being traded today, it can be overwhelming and confusing to know which cryptocurrency a user is trusting for the first time. Additionally, the fact that some little-known cryptocurrencies jumped more than 100% to stimulate FOMO. 

To float on the crypto boat, stick to some documented cryptocurrencies before you start looking for other relatively unknown cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, this blog has compiled the 10 best different types of cryptocurrency by market value from August 2022, so you can start your cryptocurrency journey.


It’s dangerous

You can lose everything or see your value drop by 90% during the night. But you can also get paid generously.

This article can explore the 10 most popular different types of cryptocurrency by current and potential use. This does not mean that it does not disappear at some point, but it does not seem like a dream trick.

However, investing in cryptocurrencies can be risky if you do not know where to start. These are the 10 best digital different types of cryptocurrency worth investing in 2022-2026.

You can also search for cryptocurrency savings accounts. Before you go in, it’s important to note that you need a digital wallet to view, use, and trade digits. It is preferred that Coinbase since it is free, has a nice app, and gives you a bonus for your first transaction. 


Different Types of Cryptocurrency to invest
Different Types of Cryptocurrency to invest


Digital Currencies worth Investing

Different Types of Cryptocurrency


1. Bitcoin

Bitcoin, which is still dominant in terms of market value and popularity, is not going anywhere right now. When most people read the news and hear the word cryptocurrency, they still think of this. 

For investors who can resist volatility, Bitcoin also has its benefits. No more bitcoins will be created until 21 million have been mined.

From a supply and demand perspective, long-term investors are able to profit. Bitcoin is also the primary currency to buy if you want to grab some of the other coins on this list. Many of these others cannot be purchased with US dollars. Just have your Coinbase logins and get started.

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The most famous cryptocurrency in the world is not profitable due to the high competition and the mining farms that are spread all over the world. The more people decide to mine bitcoin, the algorithm becomes more complicated, so more and more computational resources are needed to obtain a hash. But there are many more different types of cryptocurrency you can check below.

2. Ethereum

Ethereum was originally considered a cryptocurrency that could withdraw Bitcoin from its launch as the main currency. That’s not how it went, but Ethereum has a strong second place in market value.

Ethereum has made some improvements over Bitcoin. That is, Transactions Per Second (TPS), which is five times more than smart contracts and Bitcoin.

Ethereum is also ready to use to invest in Coinbase.

3. Litecoin

Litecoin has a similar infrastructure as Bitcoin. Litecoin transaction fees are much lower, around 200 rupees per share. A transaction like Ethereum, Litecoin has a higher TPS than Bitcoin.

The Litecoin mine ceiling is 81 billion of rupees. This means that Litecoin can see constant price increases in response to future demand. Litecoin is currently ranked 5th in terms of market value, so it never leans forward.

4. Ripple (XRP)

This will make cross-border monetary transactions well-organized. Ripple cuts currency rates and provides real-time exchange rates through partnering with financial institutions.

For cross-border transactions, banks had to rely on intermediaries before Ripple. These are costly and can take a number of days to complete.

For investors, this shows that Ripple goes beyond the basic premise of preserving or exchanging value in order to bring real value to the world.

5. Zcash

Zerocash Protocol is the acronym for Zerocash. This is taken from the Bitcoin source code. The greatest distinction is the transaction’s anonymity. In Bitcoin, all blockchain transactions are considered public information. Zcash is attempting to change that.

Just like you can pay with cash and no one needs to know anything about you, Zcash wants to be able to do the same for cryptocurrencies. There is no method to track a transaction’s origin or destination. Transactions on the blockchain are private.

Zcash is a speedier cryptocurrency than Bitcoin. Zcash’s price has risen from less than 210 rupees in the first half of 2017 to moreover 15000 rupees today.

Zcash also plans to conduct Zcon0, a Zcash-focused conference aimed at raising cryptocurrency awareness. Last year, it was also discussed when JP Morgan planned to utilize it on the blockchain platform to boost Ethereum’s smart contracts.

Zcash’s price has been continuously rising, and it has shown to be a useful cryptocurrency. This is ideal for those who want to utilize BitcoinCodeebase but want to increase their privacy and speed.

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Zcash can also invest in Coinbase from last year.

Looking for more options on different types of cryptocurrency, then scroll further below.

6. Lumens Steller

The functionality of the Steller is similar to that of the Ripple on the surface. It’s about something a little different under the hood. Both cryptocurrencies can be used to swap money quickly and cheaply. Although Steller varies from Ripple in that it makes use of credit and remittance providers, the end effect is extremely similar.

Although Stellar takes a different method than Ripple, this does not mean it is unsuccessful.

By investing in Stellar and Ripple, you will be able to diversify your approach within the cross-border trading area.

7. Solana

Solana is growing as a competitor to Ethereum, with hundreds of Defi and Web3 launched on the platform. 

Solana has also become more popular for its use in NFTs and other online projects. But as its use and utilization improve, so does the price.


IOTA is a reference cryptocurrency for companies that want to use blockchain technology on their IoT devices. IoT devices may connect with one another thanks to the blockchain.

The advantages of IOTA are obvious, given the growing use of IoT devices.

9. Monero

Monero, like Zcash, focuses on anonymizingblockchain transactions. To accomplish this, these cryptocurrencies use distinct algorithms. Monero is the most technically sophisticated of the two regarding totally obscure transaction traces.

Currency “Monero” is an older cryptocurrency than Zcash and is not related to Bitcoin. Monero has also received a lot of support from regulators among users who want to keep their transactions private.

If you can navigate the rules well, you will establish yourself as a leader in the field of privacy cryptocurrency.

10. Cardano

Cardano is a cryptocurrency that allows digital money to be sent and received. It’s also a decentralised application platform, so it’s more than just money. A multinational team created it to enable widespread financial transactions. 

Cardano is currently ranked sixth by market value. This shows a great interest in cryptocurrencies. Cardano has a significant purpose for investors, but there are also a lot of developers. This bodes well for Cardano’s future.

With this we are at the end of the listing of different types of cryptocurrency. There may be more coming in future and really making a name in the digital market. Stay updated with us and we will let you know how to invest more and make more money.


investing in Different Types of Cryptocurrency
investing in Different Types of Cryptocurrency

Mining Technology to Earn Cryptocurrency

Mining cryptocurrency means using computing power to secure your network for rewards. You don’t need to own cryptocurrencies to mine, but this is the oldest way to earn unearned income in the crypto space.

As the network expanded and hash rates increased, most miners have moved to more powerful GPU mining. As competition became more and more fierce, the mining field became almost monopolized by mining chips created exclusively for the specific purpose of ASIC.

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The field of ASIC is also fiercely competitive and is oligopolized by companies that can devote a lot of resources to research and development. By the time these chips hit the retail market, they are already out of date, and it will take a lot of time to recover their profits. As a result, Bitcoin mining is now a corporate business rather than an individual’s for unearned income.

On the other hand, coins with a lower hash rate of Proof of Work can be profitable. Mining for lesser-known coins is risky but can bring more rewards. Mined coins can become worthless overnight due to a number of factors, including illiquidity and the finding of bugs. Also, some initial investment and expertise are required to set up and maintain mining equipment.


Last Thought

Different Types of Crypto currency
Different Types of Crypto currency

It’s impossible to dispute that cryptocurrency is here to stay. The question is, where should you invest your money in the market?

Other considerations to consider while determining whether cryptocurrency is the best investment for you include:

• The ability to use cryptocurrencies for routine purchases and bank transfers 

• Transaction times 

• Transaction fees

If you consider investing strictly without network trading, keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are not a scheme for gambling scams.

All of these coins provide some value, but after all, you are only betting on the price. You want someone else to pay more for your investment than you would.

Make sure that you are only investing in the different types of cryptocurrency that you can afford to lose.

If you are interested in other cryptocurrencies, it is amazing to hear about them. A crypto exchange is a generally virtual space, an exchange platform that allows users to buy or sell their crypto assets through cash or purchases using cryptocurrencies. However, many exchanges also allow trading with shares. Or any other financial title accepted by the community that comprises it.

So before investing in any cryptocurrency, confirm whether it is safe to invest or not. 

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