10 Best Sci-fi English TV Series you Must Watch Online

During the course of the last decade, there has been a meteoric rise in the amount of science fiction that has been shown on television as a direct result of larger network budgets, more advanced special effects, and the commercial and critical success of major genre films. These Best Sci-fi English Tv Series have done it all, from extrapolating the ramifications of social media to picturing far-off worlds in which mankind lives among the stars.

But as work on movie special effects pathfinding has trickled down, and as television has allowed writers to go to darker places, the result is a selection that has seen television firmly wrestle the sci-fi mantle from the big screen.

These listed series of science fictional stories encapsulate many different types of imaginative ideas. Looking for some good sci-fi english series on Aliens or life in outer space or a complete zombie adventure, or some super human powers on earth, everything is there for you.

Best sci-fi tv series watch online
Best sci-fi tv series watch online


So here are the Best Sci-fi English Tv Series out today, and they do provide some of the most fascinating forecasts and cautionary stories.

Best Sci-fi English TV Series Online


  • The 100 (2014–2020)

The 100 - best english tv series
The 100 – best english tv series

How many more series about the post-apocalypse that feature beautiful young people do we really need? It would seem that a lot! The television show The 100 is based on a young adult book series written by Kass Morgan. The story follows a group of young people who are deported to a devastated Earth from a utopian space colony.

Things will inevitably go wrong, including the emergence of warring groups, the breaking of hearts, and the inevitable passing of cherished personalities, as is mandated by television law. Don’t be fooled by the show’s soapy sheen; despite its polished and teen-friendly exterior, it deals with serious and thought-provoking topics.


  • Lost in Space (2018–2021)

Lost in Space - best sci-fi series
Lost in Space – best sci-fi series

Netflix’s reimagining of Lost in Space is by no means a waste of time, with the fact that it is nearly as bizarre or entertaining as the classic science fiction television series from the 1960s that it is based on. Even the memorable catchphrase “Danger, Will Robinson!” has been toned down. The Robinson family are among the first colonists of space, and their journey is rerouted, which forces them to try to survive in an off-course environment.

The premise of the story has not changed, but the adventure story is amplified with an intriguing backstory of the robot, as well as strong performances by Molly Parker and Parker Posey. It is the recipe for a fantastic adventure story and is amongst the Best Sci-fi English Tv Series, the type of story that is based on a loving family and will provide you comfort when other science fiction series get too intense.

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  • Stranger Things

Stranger Things - sci-fi seasons online
Stranger Things – sci-fi seasons online

What are you doing with your life if you haven’t seen the 1980s supernatural throwback on Netflix? When the programme first aired in 2016, everyone in your social circle was talking about it nonstop. It has another dimension, mad creatures, Russian conspiracy plans, and extremely cool pop culture allusions.

It has everything. If you have already served your sentence in the Upside Down, you may pass the time by watching the time-jumping series Travelers, the alien-invasion drama Colony, the wacky fantasy series Shannara, or the one-season mind-bending show Awake.


  • Fear The Walking Dead

Fear The Walking Dead - Sci-fi series
Fear The Walking Dead – Sci-fi series

The horrific graphics of Fear the Walking Dead – the Best Sci-fi English Tv Series are on par with those of the original, gory Walking Dead thriller, from which it was derived. This implies that you will see reanimated corpses that consume human flesh, in addition to other violent crimes such as gunshots, knife wounds, and beheadings.

The uncensored version of the dialogue contains the word “s—t,” and one of the major characters is battling an addiction to heroin. In spite of all of this, at its core, it’s a drama about a mixed family, each member of whom is struggling with their own problems while trying to find their way in a shifting world.


  • The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy - english series online must watch
The Umbrella Academy – english series online must watch

A Netflix series based on an underground comic published by the vocalist of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, about a group of masked superheroes with unusual abilities who all grew up in a mansion and despise their dad seems like a very intricate and very specific joke.

However, we can guarantee that it is genuine, and once it reaches its full potential, it is really very enjoyable. People will watch this movie for the explosives, time travel, and chimpanzee butler; nevertheless, the representation of how sibling relationships develop and strongly influence each other, for better or for worse, will keep them watching.


  • Altered Carbon (2018–2020)

Altered Carbon - science fiction series
Altered Carbon – science fiction series

Altered Carbon is a glitzy, jargon-y, and, at times, dizzying fall into sci-fi decadence. The film is an adaptation of the book of the same name written by Richard K. Morgan in 2002. The plot of the programme centres on a mercenary from the 22nd century (Joel Kinnaman in Season 1, Anthony Mackie in Season 2) who is recruited to investigate the death of a powerful nobleman and the subsequent power struggle that ensues. What’s the catch? In this vision of the future, only the very affluent will be able to live forever; instead, their consciousnesses will be stored in the internet’s equivalent of the cloud and then downloaded into fresh bodies.

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The subsequent action, which takes place in a world without mortality, has eye-popping graphics on par with those in Blade Runner and thought-provoking intrigue comparable to that of Westworld on HBO. Even if it takes a few episodes for Altered Carbon’s convoluted tale to truly take flight, and even though the second season falls off a little, it’s still a journey that’s definitely worth hanging around for because it’s so ambitious.


  • The Last Ship

The Last Ship - best sci-fi english series online
The Last Ship – best sci-fi english series online

The Last Ship is a Best Sci-fi English Tv Series that depicts a post-apocalyptic world in which military forces are striving to discover a cure for a disease. There is no sexual content, drinking or drug use on the programme, and the profanity is kept to a minimum with just the mildest of cuss words, such as when one Navy commander calls another “badass.” The idea of the programme, however, is highly unsettling, and both the storyline and the graphics are far too disturbing for young children to be exposed to.

The camera pans around a medical ward to see scores of dead corpses, some of which are bleeding and writhing in pain as they near the end of their lives. Children in their early years are portrayed succumbing to the epidemic and passing away in bed. Members of the family are either slain or put in danger, while on-screen figures either die unexpectedly or take their own lives. Numerous images of high-tech military equipment are presented, giving the impression that it is glamorous; both firearms and explosives are shown and then fired or exploded.


  • The Expanse

The Expanse - best sci-fi english tv series to watch
The Expanse – best sci-fi english tv series to watch

In a dystopian future in which mankind have colonised the solar system, discrimination has led to the separation of people into three distinct groups: Earth, Mars, and The Belt (an asteroid belt). But with the discovery of a strange alien technology and the beginning of the unravelling of a political scheme that spans the whole solar system, it falls to the idealist James Holden to attempt to rescue mankind from the possible alien weapon and from themselves.

The deep world-building and political manoeuvrings that run behind all of the spectacular sci-fi things in The Expanse, such space warfare and even gravity torture, are by far the most fascinating aspects of this science fiction show. The cosmic struggle that serves as the driving force behind the plot of the programme generates a plethora of enticing storylines, all of which build toward some very unexpected revelations.


  • Raised by Wolves

Raised by Wolves - best sci-fi english tv series
Raised by Wolves – best sci-fi english tv series

A mature audience is recommended for the science fiction series Raised by Wolves – one of the Best Sci-fi English Tv Series, due to its gloomy tone and dystopian setting. In the show’s future, androids give birth to human infants via a strange and perhaps unpleasant method that involves tubes placed into the A.I. mother’s chest that lead to external, goo-filled receptacles housing the pregnant offspring.

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The show delves into deep, though unorthodox, issues concerning parental bonding with their young charges. Through the conflict between human believers and android atheists, questions of religion and faith are also explored at length.

Scenes of extreme, graphic violence are presented, including individuals whose bodies have been reduced to blood and viscera. Androids commit acts of extreme violence against humans and employ deadly, superhuman talents, such as the ability to grotesquely deform human faces.


  • The Mandalorian (Star Wars)

The Mandalorian (Star Wars)
The Mandalorian (Star Wars)

It is arguable that The Mandalorian is one of the finest Star Wars goods that has ever been made available. Since this is a story that is only tangentially connected to the rest of the Star Wars franchise’s canon, it is simple for anyone to jump into right away and enjoy the episodic stories of Mando (played by Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda, the most legitimate pop culture icon that we have been gifted with in recent years.

The Mandalorian is a retro, swashbuckling television show that looks really amazing, and there are specks of little Star Wars Easter eggs peppered throughout the show. The true reason to tune in is that The Mandalorian is the television equivalent of the purest kind of amusement possible is offered here.



The above listed Best Sci-fi English Tv Series are for sure worth watching for atleast once. You will be really fascinated by these series and will be of very interest to you. Beware, these series will make you stick to your screen for binge watch. Stories, episodes are so addictive and mind boggling that you won’t like to take a break.

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