How to Cure Acne and Pimples with Home Remedies [ Effective Natural Ways ]

Acne or pimples as we say in common tongue is a skin problem that occurs due to various reasons mainly because of the oily skin. The problem of acne becomes deeper when they occur on your face and leave marks behind. Doctors usually suggests to go through skin pealing and laser therapy which costs too much per seating and are not very effective in the long run. But you can cure acne with natural remedies as well. We will find more in this article.

I won’t suggest any such medical terms to use on your pretty face and do any such medical experiments.

Then the question is how to get rid of this problem. To get rid of this problem you need to understand the reason why they occur again and again on your face.

There are many reasons of acne, one of which can be hormonal changes in the body or oily face. What is your reason and you need to figure that out by trying these simple remedies at home. I have described the main reasons responsible for pimples below and after that the remedies that can be followed to avoid any further acne problems in future and also help you get rid of the existing ones.


cure acne and pimples
cure acne and pimples


Digestion Problems

They may occur because of stomach problems. Not getting your stomach clean in the morning is a major issue and it leads to pimples on your bright face. Clean your body from inside and then you will see that your pimples are getting reduced day by day. When our body is not clean from inside it starts to warn you by showing some signs and acne or pimples are one of the most common signs. Having a good digestion system is very essential and clearly very much required to avoid pimples.


Bad hygiene

Having a bad hygiene is also a major issue leading to skin problems. Cut your too much grown nails. The dirt stored under your nails worsen the pimple issues and leads to more pimples.


Oily face

Having oily face is a major problem that leads to acne problem. The Oil secretion from the pores of the skin catches dust and blocks the pores which further results into acne. Clean your face regularly to avoid oily face. Use oil free face wash to keep you face dry for a longer period of time.

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Don’t scratch or rub

Whenever you are having a pimple or acne, you will face itching problems. Don’t scratch your pimple or face. It leads to other skin infection and also leaves a mark on your face in place of pimple.


cure acne overnight
how to cure acne and pimples

Hormonal changes

We usually face the problems of acne and pimples during the age of 17 or 18 continuing till 23 or 24. It is because some hormonal changes are taking place inside the body which are necessary and can’t be avoided. But that doesn’t mean that you have to face pimple problems continuously during this period and wait for the period to get over.

One of the most noticeable symptoms of hormonal imbalance is low libido, which starts with disturbed sleep. Without quality sleep our sex hormone production can diminish.

More over poor sleep also results into acne problems. So having a sound sleep is also required.


UV rays

The rays from the Sun are very harmful at times for people who have a sensitive skin. Various skin problems can be encountered if not taken necessary precautions.


Dust and sweat

Stay away from dust. Sometimes the dust is an agent of skin problems and coming in contact of dust every day is not very good for your face skin. Try to cover up your face with some cotton cloth.


Remedies <- click to find more…

There are many home remedies that are very helpful in preventing and curing acne or pimples.


Use cold Water

Whenever you are washing your face, wash it with cold water. It helps in quick healing of your acnes and also prevents any further acne growth. It dries up your face and extracts all heat from your face. Your face will become dry and some dry skin may shred out. But don’t put any cream. It will again make your face oily.

TIP:-Try to let your face dry up by itself rather than using a clean cloth. Lie under a roof fan or in front of AC to dry it quickly. This practice will help to dry the acne’s in such a fashion that they won’t leave any marks behind.

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home remedies to cure acne
cure acne and pimples at home

Eating habits

Avoid eating oily food or deep fried. They increases the oily secretion. Also avoid eating anything that has heat stored in it like ice cubes, dry fruits etc. Eat fruits which can keep your body cool from inside like coconut water, curd etc.


Improve your digestion

Always drink one glass of water in the morning, first hand task after waking up. This will help not only in solving digestion problems but also many other problems. Drink at least 7 to 8 full glass of water in a day. Our body is made up of water so it needs clean water daily to stay fit.

TIP:-Do some jogging, exercises or go to gym to avoid common health problems. This includes acne as well.



Use less cosmetics on your face. They are really harmful for your face. They are one of the reasons of acnes. Some cosmetics are of really bad quality and regular use of such cosmetics results in skin problems.


Multani Mitti

Use multani mitti on your face as a face pack. Use small hard pieces of mulatni mitti or if you have power it is good. Use some drops of rose water and let it dissolve to form a paste like mixture. Crush any hard pieces if there any and apply it on your face even on acnes. Let it dry for 15 to 20 min. After that wash your face with cold water and dry it with clean towel.

Similarly you can use chandan as well. Apply it on areas of acne or pimples and let it dry.


easy solution to acne
acne solution with lemon extract

Citric acid (for really bad acne)

The citric acid is a very effective method to remove high degree acne. You don’t have to search for this citric acid. It is available at home. The lemon has citric acid in it which is in diluted form. So it won’t harm in any way. Cut a lemon ¼ and apply or rub it on your face gently and softly. Don’t go hard on the acnes. Squeeze the lemon while rubbing it so that citric acid is applied on all parts equally. Be careful with your eyes. Now keep your face like this for 2 min and then wash it with cold water.

You will feel some irritation and pain for the first time but then it will be fine. If your feel pain unbearable wash it without waiting.

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After washing your face dry it with clean cloth and again don’t push hard on your acne. Be soft and gentle. It is a form of peeling. You must have heard of peeling process in medical terms to cure acne. This is also peeling at home. Now most important thing to remember after doing this:-“USE SUNSCREEN”.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen cream on face. After peeling it is very much necessary to use, to save your skin from harmful sun rays. You can use Suncross Aquagel, what I used for my help or any other good sunscreen cream. Ask any skin doctor for a good sunscreen cream and then use it.



Wash your face with cold water after applying it.
Don’t do this regularly. Only once in 10 days for 3 months.
Don’t apply too much and be careful with your eyes.
Use a clean cloth to dry your face.
Don’t rub too hard on your acne.


Final Words 

Acne and pimples are so much irritating that we sometimes get so depressed with them that we stop going out with friends, don’t look into mirror, don’t want to be a part of any picture because we start feeling ugly. We don’t want you to get depressed over this so we are giving you all these valuable points that can help you overcome all the acne problems with no medical pills but with natural remedies and some points to remember.



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