MBA Mentor “The Series of Best Guidance for Aspirants”

Management education has emerged as one of the main focus of higher learning in India.

Director of IIM Bangalore, said, “The best part about the MBA schools is that the program is based on learning how to build and mould innovative organizations.” Another key benefit about getting an MBA degree is honing networking skills, he added.

Nowadays, the notion of ‘money makes money’ has shifted to ‘ideas make money’.

To give a complete view of MBA as an Education Platform in India, We have discussed the MBA Series here to help you make the right decision in the career.

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mba mentor guide
mba mentor guide

Businesses are based more on ideas these days. Only those who apply unique ideas stand out in the business world. And this is what makes management education the top choice among students in India.

After obtaining the MBA degree, you will not only be able to pursue the career of your choice but would also be able to show case your unique ideas.

MBAs are hired by all sorts of organizations like banks, media houses, retail stores, consultancy firms, FMCG companies to name a few in the roles of marketing, Human Resources, Operations etc.

Apart from learning all that MBA offers, good jobs and corporate placements is another key attraction for MBA aspirants. In spite of recession, the top MBA schools had 100 per cent placement, though there was a dip in the salary.

Getting an education is an important part of success in today’s business world. It’s competitive out there, and the more educated you are, the better your chances of landing a good job are. That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so important ” education leads to opportunities.
There are only a select few in the world who can drop out of school and go on to make a significant contribution to the world. For the rest of us, education is key.


Take a look at three real reasons why an MBA degree is important in the business world.

  • Increase your hiring opportunities. Generally, the more education you have, the better your career opportunities and choices are. A MBA graduate is an extremely valuable asset to an organization. Because of the competition in today’s business world, you may actually find that you need a MBA degree to even have a first interview. In school, MBA students learn different techniques and skills that can help businesses. Some companies plan to hire MBA students, maybe even paying for current employees to go back to school and get a MBA. You know that if a company is willing to pay for employees to get the degree, it’s certainly an asset.

  • Get paid more. With a MBA degree in hand, you can actually demand a higher salary. According to a 2007 Corporate Recruiters Survey, employers are willing to pay significantly more for job candidates with an MBA degree. The survey suggests that companies will pay up to 84 percent more. It is hard work to earn a MBA degree and your salary certainly should reflect that.

  • Build your network. One of the really valuable parts of getting a MBA degree is the networking opportunities. When you are studying for a MBA, you are with people from all walks of life, all trying to accomplish the same goal. These are the future leaders in the business world. You can connect with people who may one day lead corporations. These relationships become very valuable for you, as a professional, but also for your future company. The relationships you forge in the MBA classroom will get you into groups and organizations that will certainly benefit your future employer. Going back to school, for any reason, is always a good idea. Getting a MBA will increase your chances of finding a great job with a solid company.


Despite all of these advantages, Career in MBA is not for everyone. Not every organization places high value on Career in Management. A good way to determine if MBAs are important to companies you’re interested in working for is to look at the current executives and find out if they have Career in MBA. It’s also important to note that an MBA is not a silver bullet. Earning an MBA career will not automatically grant you a management or executive position-you must have essential skills and experience as well. Additionally, many top executives have earned their positions without ever taking a Career in Management.

Still, there’s no denying that for many, earning a Career in Management will grant you access to a better career and a higher quality of life. To really make an MBA work for you, be sure to attend a school that is noted for its prestige, and pay attention to developing your experience level. With these factors in place, you’re likely to make your MBA work harder to get you farther.


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