Discover The Reasons of Common People Creating Success Story

All successful business tycoons, entrepreneurs, famous youth icons, great sports persons, people with great success stories have many things common between them and some life changing qualities that made them what they are today.

What if we learn what they had and implement it in our personality and life.

We are all successful in one or the other ways but to everyone the meaning of Success differs.
For some making good money is success, while for others doing something big for mankind is success.

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make way to success


Yes If you don’t dream than how can you do anything great in reality.

“These are not the dreams that we see when we sleep but the dreams that don’t let us sleep.”

Dream big to achieve big. Many people don’t care to dream. They feel that their life is complete with what they have and now they can do their regular job and live a simple life. That cuts 50% of population on earth. Now remaining 50% population dreams. Yes they do but only 10% of them actually work hard day and night to accomplish their dreams and passion.

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Out of those 10%, 0% fails. Shocking right.

Yes, every individual has the ability to achieve great heights but only few realize this very fact who dream and work hard to make it a reality and a success story.

Taking Big steps

Many successful stories says that the person was from a lower middle or lower class background. Then how did he did that. Why is that so that high class people are not able to create many success stories?

Reason is very simple indeed. They had nothing to lose so they had the freedom to dare and take risk.
They knew how to survive on one single bread. Also they knew the value for money.
Action and reaction are equal and opposite. This is very apt here. They valued the hard earned money and so the money valued them in return.

Yes we all have some big ideas that can actually be practical and can prove to be effective. But we don’t take the risk to go with our ideas and dreams. But they followed their instincts.

They are all futuristic with their ideas. They know the value of their idea and had the will power to execute it even if the situation doesn’t favored it. Like Dhiru bhai amabani, one of the most successful business person in India saw the vision of setting up Reliance Industries. He started his carrier from a petrol pump assistant where he got the idea of cellular phones that can be made accessible to general public. He worked on his idea and achieved it.

They are stubborn

Yes they are but with positive thoughts. They never cared about what society will think and say about them. Albert Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Female athletes and many others never cared about the talk of society and followed their path to knowledge, justice, and passion.
Family support
When your family supports you then you don’t need anyone else support. Yes but this is not the case in the life of all the successful people. But yet many had this support during the toughest phase of their life when the life changing decision was taken by them.

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Road to success

Keeping a reality check. Yes have a reality check is as important as keeping a account check. Always face the reality and not running from tough conditions make a man worthy of what he earns. Some people after actually going towards their dreams face tough conditions and forget to keep notice of what can be the worse conditions. On facing that situation they consider running away a better solution then to tackle it with guts and determination.

If you are on right path doing the right thing the right way then no bad situation is strong enough to crush you and your dreams. Face them and then see the results. No matter how many times you face challenges but the sweet fruit of success will surely be yours if you stick to your dreams.

The Road that leads to the Success is long and tough but it is the right path to walk on. The other road leading to success is short and easy but will give you fake success which doesn’t last for long and Leaves you with a stigma for life.
True Respect is difficult to earn and maintain. That is something many successful people learned early in their life or later with their mistakes.

Team work

Successful people had learned that they alone can’t achieve their goal and they need to take help. Many people don’t ask for help and are very selfish and greedy.  They don’t want to share the success with others. They want to go alone so that whatever they earn will not be shared. But what they don’t know is that sharing is caring and it is not the money that matters but the efforts the team puts in. If you have a team of persons who like you are willing to work full time to achieve the goal and target set, your battle is half won. It does not matter how small your team is, what matters is that you have a team and that team is working to create its existence in the world of successful people.

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We hope you have a Team too that will one day create history and a success story.

Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with us. We welcome all types of words from you either motivating or criticizing. Because we see criticism as a word that pushes us to perform well.

Cheers to all


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