Healthy Hygienic Food is Not What You Think You Eat

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” we all have heard this line a number of times but do we really follow this in life.

Creating tolerance power is an important step that is needed to have a healthy and powerful body and to stay away from medicine. The immune system of our body is the shield that protects us from various viruses and bacteria. We need to make this shield stronger which can be done only if we take care of our diet.


how to increase immunity in body
green vegetables are secrets to good health

Green vegetables are not the tongue tasters and hence we tend to stay away from it but this creates deficiency of various essential vitamins and mineral that are required for the smooth and healthy functioning of our organs.

We are attracted towards street food and junk food like burgers, fried chips or noodles that are by no means going to add up to good health. In fact they destroy our body from inside. From inside I mean really from inside, you stomach, your liver, your kidney (digestion factory).


Why I am against street food?

I am actually not against street food, I am against the method with which they prepare food on street and the way they serve it. I am against junkies and junk food. Some restaurants are though very good in keeping good hygienic conditions but such food can still never be included in our regular diet.

We should avoid such unhygienic food and go for healthy diet which includes homemade food, green salad, green vegetables, eggs, pulses, grains, milk, fruits three times a day, etc.

A growing child always look for taste in the food and is attracted towards spicy, tasty food but keeping his mental and physical progress in mind he should be given a healthy food that is only possible at home.

There are various cooking programs that showcase many healthy and tasty recipes. Dishes which can be made at home and which include green vegetables in it. We can always learn from that and prepare tasty and healthy food in the home kitchen.

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Even if you sometimes feel like eating food such as burger, noodles or pizzas, you can always prepare it at home. Even the junk food made at home is much better than that served on streets or restaurants.

May be after this article many restaurants owners are going to really hate me for this. But truth is truth and we are here to aware you for the good of you.

We earn money and we save some for future and rest we spend on unhygienic food to have a taste of time. What we actually do is we are setting a body problem that will show its effect during our 50’s and then we would be forced to spend the money we saved on the medicines to fight the problem. So in total we spend all the money on nothing but problem and a small taste of tongue.


Fact based on Researched Data

Researchers believe that the eating habits of an individual very much decides his life line. Having a good healthy diet and doing regular exercise helps to increase your life line. According to ancient books, people in India used to have a life of more than 110 years. This was possible because they were used to have really healthy diet. Nowadays people are using all types of wrong and false methods to earn fast money to very extend that they are even polluting our crops and food quality. The food quality is degrading at such a rapid rate that it is believed that by the time we reach 2050 we will be having very few food crops and vegetables to survive and the only source of food would be non-veg.

People today use chemical injections that speed up the growth of crops and their products that harm us when we eat that crop. Sometimes fruits like banana, apple, and water melon are made to look in good shape by using artificial chemical powder and chemical solutions that will harm our health. Always try to purchase fruits from a reliable source and clean place. If possible try to directly do the purchase from the farmers.

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Why to go for unhygienic food for just taste when we can have really good tasty and most importantly healthy hygienic food at home. Yes we can, we just don’t know this until we don’t have that.



When you are at home you have the food prepared by your family member may be mother, aunt, or any member. You have the same food daily and thus you feel it has become boring and tasteless but try this now, go for a week in any restaurant and have the food there. You will find that even that food has become boring. So it is the mind that works in this manner. Once you are used to something regularly you start feeling boring with that.

Eating habits are also necessary to be hygienic and clean. Washing hands before taking food is as important as having healthy food. Use clean utensils and eat in a good clean environment not on roads or in dusty area.

Drinking at least 7 glass of water in a day is really important. Water should also be clean and hold the essential minerals. City water is nowadays really not good for health and even after using water filters we are not sure if water is bacteria free or not. To ensure good clean water we must use good quality water purifier at homes and should avoid water from outside whenever possible.


how to stay healthy
good hygienic food haibts

Health Tips

  • The real health treasure is in the home made food.
  • Eating food which is microwaved cooked or hot served by microwaved is not at all best for our body.
  • Eating too much sweets with food is not considered good and neither having too much salty food is good. Avoid adding to much sugar in your food for taste. You can use honey instead which is a very good source of probiotics as well. Honey is well known for its contribution to human health and is liked by everyone.
  • Drinking water should be colorless, tasteless and odorless, always remember this.
  • Have a glass of fresh fruit juice daily. Avoid packaged juices and instead use juicer at home to make fruit juice at home.
  • For adding taste to your milk, you can try milk shakes at home. Avoid cold drinks because maximum damage is done by them. They affect the liver and kidney and reduces the secretion of essential juices from liver which affects our digestion system. All types of Cold drinks contains artificial sweetener not good for human body.
  • Avoid taking medicines whenever possible. You can always go for home remedies for common health problems like common cold, headache, stomach ache, common skin problems (rashes, pimples).
  • Always listen to your elders. They have more life experience than you and will always guide you with healthy food tips.
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We hope that this article will help you include some healthy diet in your life before it is too late to start.

And we also request you to create awareness among the people to act against people who are polluting our food in any method. 


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