20 Things to Keep in Mind Before Applying for Google Ads

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Google has various conditions that are considered as request approving parameters. Whenever you are prepared for asking ads from Google you first have to fill the form Google provides for requesting adsense. It takes a week time by Google to track and analyze your website (blog) and then it mail you with the result of your request. If approved then it will send you the link of the ads account from where you can create different styles of ads like static ads, dynamic ads, video ads, ads banners of different sizes and text ads etc. From that account you can keep a track of all the clicks and views your ads get on your website. Google is a good payer for ads click and hence many websites wants to go for Google ads.

If your request gets rejected then google does not entertain the same blog for the next 6 months or 1 year. So you have to wait for the next 6 months to apply again.

For a single website you get one ad account. It also means that you cannot use the ad account for multiple website or blogs. For every blog you need to request to google for ads display permission.

During the period of 1 week when your form is under process for ads approval the google analyst takes various parameters into account to decide whether to allow ads on your blog website or not.

We have tried to point out many of them (as many as possible) here. So let’s go through them one by one and then you can decide whether to go for google ads now or wait for some more time and improve upon the blog.  

  1. Never apply before 6 months of domain purchase. Your domain age should be at least 6 months otherwise there are huge chances that your ads request may get rejected. Although there are cases where websites have got ads before 6 months but such cases are few compared to those that got rejected.

  2. Have Original content on your blog. Never publish copied content on your blog. Google checks for originality and if google crawler finds any copied data it immediately cancels your ads request.

  3. Have articles that are at least 600 words long. Google wants articles that adds value to the website and not just content of no use.

  4.  Use creativity in designing your website. The front page looks should be attractive with clean design and neatly arranged icons, tabs, columns, sidebars, header and footer should be there. A good looking website attracts more visitors and give an easy to understand web format and usability.

  5. Have a sitemap and RSS feed for your blog. This is a tip that will help you in getting ads.

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  6. Google analytics is a free tool to help you analyze your webpage visits and traffic sources. Use it to estimate the quality of traffic on your blog.

  7. Use pictures that are not copywrite protected and can be used commercially by anyone. Google pictures and images are not all copywrite free. So use them carefully. You can use pictures from wiki commons, or various websites that provide pictures to use like fotolia, stock.xchng, stockvault, freedigitalphotos, photopin etc.

  8. Don’t go for paid clicks or paid likes on FB page of your website, since they don’t last for long and google punishes those websites that do this.

  9. Don’t publish ads from other ad providing firms when asking for google ads. Remove those ads and then apply for google ads.

  10. Make sure you have a good ranking on Internet. Website with poor page rank or website rank are not entertained much by google.

  11. Website loading speed and page speed of website should be high. Low page speed are signals of poor quality websites and google takes into account this factor during verification for ads approval. You can use PageSpeed Insights tool freely available to check the page speed and also analyze the reasons for low page speed.

  12. Use some good plugins on your blog website like those that can actually help you build a secure website and malware free domain. Use Akismet to keep spam Comments away from your website, Yoast etc.

  13. Publish articles frequently on your website and keep fresh articles and evergreen articles on your website. Google crawler keeps track of this.

  14. Learn and apply SEO on your website before applying for ads from Google. This will surely help you in 2 ways. One is you will get extra traffic more easily and secondly you fulfill many google criteria’s by using SEO. So try to implement as many SEO rules as you can.

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  15. If you are having a Health or Job related Blog website then you have to be really extra careful. Google looks into Health websites more seriously and puts extra efforts in analyzing such websites. Google checks for the correctness of the content on such websites via various mediums and if finds any fault or wrong comment or false information it immediately rejects ads request.

  16. Plan some offline publicity of your website before applying for Google ads. Offline campaign and advertising of your website is really important to ensure good traffic during google verification period.

  17. Use long Tail Keywords and Meta Tags on your website for easy crawling on your website. Use Unique Title for articles and not the copy paste one. Try to do some Keyword Research before actually deciding for Headlines or Title of your articles.

  18. Check the Indexing done yet by google crawlers before filling google ads form. If the Indexed pages are very less than total number of posts and pages on your website then first improve upon that and then apply for google ads.

  19. Try to increase the number of Backlinks. Backlinks are links pointing to your website from other webpages. Search Engines consider the quality and Quantity of Backlinks when ranking a website.

  20. Make your website mobile optimized as well. It is not a compulsory condition but can increase your mobile traffic and hence ranking. Thus helping you get the google ads easily.

We hope this Article will help you get Google ads and you will be able to avoid common mistakes that are made during blogging.Remember these points before applying for Google ads and share it with your friends and blogging partners.


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