20 Important Things You Must Know Before Planning Turkey Vacation – Turkey Travel Guide

turkey holiday plan - vacation in turkey
turkey holiday plan – vacation in turkey

Questions About Turkey Vacation


Is Turkey safe for vacation?

Yes. Turkey vacation is safe for couples and family. However, some risks happen everywhere, like pickpocketing and minor vehicle accidents. Always wear a seat belt and drive safely. You can make use of local public transport to be more safe. You will be delighted to see the beauty of Turkey with your loved ones in a safe mode. 


Do you need to get a covid test for a Turkey Vacation? 

No. At present, all travelers, regardless of their country of origin, can enter Turkey without a covid test. The Turkey travel authorities are following health protocols and safety measures as the priority in all hotels, restaurants, and tour operators; to ensure the safety of travelers. To know the existing situation, please go through the Turkey visa website


How can I reach Turkey?

In many ways, you can visit the beautiful place, Turkey – flight, bus, car, cab, taxi, and train. Let us talk about the flights. Turkey is widely connected to most places of the world by flight. It is one of the fastest, most comfortable, and easiest ways of reaching Turkey. Major flights can take you to popular destinations and cities in Turkey.


What is so special about Turkey?

Turkey is an amalgamation of Oriental and European elements of the world. It is mainly known for its tea, hammams, bazaars, carpets, sweet treats, mosques, kebabs, and Cappadocia. It is only known for its vast language preference; nearly 30 minority languages get spoken and welcomed there. You will be able to communicate in their local language easily. 

Turkey vacation with Friends
Turkey vacation with Friends


What is strictly prohibited in Turkey? 

Unlike Uruguay, Turkey does not allow the possession, production, distribution, and consumption of illegal drugs like Cannabis. If you possess, produce, distribute, or consume any illegal drugs in Turkey – you can be charged heavy resentful fines. And they can even arrest you and sentence you to prison for several years, like 24!

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Turkey Places to Visit
Turkey Places to Visit

Is Turkey vacation expensive for tourists?

According to a 2022 report, Turkey vacation is one of the cheapest tourist places to visit. It offers the cheapest holiday destinations.

Tourist-needing items like a glass of wine, a bottle of beer, three-meal courses for two people, sunscreen, insect repellents, and a large bottle of water can all come under the cost of 34 USD!

In terms of Indian currency, it is 2800 INR. We saved you the trouble of conversion.

So all in all, it is not a costly vacation in turkey. You can enjoy most of the things in turkey with a very pocket friendly trip. Also planning your trip or vacation to turkey in advance will surely help you save lots of money.


What is Turkey’s famous food?

Some of the famous cuisines of Turkey include Manti, Baklava, Kebabs, Doner, Kofte, Pide, Kumpir, Meze, Lahmacun, Corba, and Menemen. In simpler terms, popular cuisines are Ravioli, Meatballs, Pizza, Scrambled eggs, Pieces of lamb meat on a wooden stick, Sandwiches, Strips of lamb, Soup, Lamb delicacies, Rice, Leaf wrapping, Vegetarian delicacies, Fish Sandwich, Spicy Balls.


What language is spoken in Turkey? 

The national language of the beautiful country Turkey is Turkish, like that of Spain is Spanish, and France is French. Other languages also spoken in Turkey are Kurmanji, Arabic, and Zazaki. Dialects of Caucasian and Kurdish, Greek, Latino, and Armenian are other spoken languages in Turkey. 


What are the best ways to commute around Turkey?

Turkey travel can be done via various modes of transportation. Some feasible ones are by air, buses, Dolmus, boats, taxis, cabs, cars, trains, bicycles, metro, light rail, trams, and ferries. Your destination decides the commute you choose to travel in. For instance, if you wish to trek, opt for bicycles. If you are into beaches and hot springs, go by boat. 

Turkey Vacation itinerary plan
Turkey Vacation itinerary plan


What are the Best Adventure Activities we can do in Turkey?


Hot-air Balloon

Cappadocia is one of the first choices for hot-air balloon rides all over the globe. It will cost you around 160 USD to 270 USD. You get to enjoy it all around the year.

Advice: Book as early as you can!

Hot Air Balloon Rides on a Turkey Holiday
Hot Air Balloon Rides on a Turkey Holiday

Scuba Diving

The best spots for scuba diving in Turkey are Bodrum, Kas, Fethiye, Marmaris, and Antalya. There are 30 dive sites at Kas. All of those are within a 20-minute boat ride. Advice: Breathe as you generally do, and avoid holding your breath.


Whitewater Rafting

Springtime is ideal for whitewater rafting in Turkey. The crowd is less, and the temperature is cool. The best choices are Koprucay near Antalya and Coruh near Erzurum. 

Rafting on a Turkey Vacation
Rafting on a Turkey Vacation


Jeep Safari

Marmaris and Antalya offer a splendid jeep safari experience. About five to fifteen jeeps get included in the safari. The rugged Taurus mountains of Cappadocia charge 35 Euros for a jeep safari ride per person. 

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Sea Kayaking

Out of 5000 miles of sea in Turkey, only five spots offer sea kayaking. They are- Kargicak Bay, Akcapinar, Kekova Island, Bordubet, and Bafa Lake. At Kas, the rate is 60 Euros per person for 7 miles. 

Kayaking on a Turkey Vacation
Kayaking on a Turkey Vacation


What Kind of Nightlife Can I Experience in Turkey?


Turkish Night Show at Cappadocia

The show is performed in stone-carved places giving it a veracious vibe. Each magical event takes about 3 to 4 hours. The traditional folk dance begins with a dinner of unlimited soft drinks and delicious appetizers. 


Karaoke and Bands at Kas

Neon lights, open-air seating, pleasant music, poolside view, and crazy party nights – that is the story of every karaoke at Kas. Kas is ideal for couples looking for romantic music and quality time.

Nightlife In Turkey
Nightlife In Turkey

Nightclubs of Beyoglu

Some of the best things to do in Turkey is to visit the nightclubs in Istanbul’s Beyoglu. Most offer rooftop bars, delicious cuisines, and cocktails to keep your stomach busy. The clubs are classy, crowded, and offer fantastic music. 


A good laugh at Roxy’s Show Bar

If you are hellbent on checking out enjoyable places, try Roxy’s Show Bar. Children engage in games; adults enjoy a good laugh. The staff is warm, welcoming, and cordial. 


Enjoy concerts at Ankara

Music is your theme, then you must visit Kucuk Tiyatro for a musical celebration, State Opera and Ballet for Hamlet ballet, and Bilkent University Playhouse for classical music.


What is the best time for a Turkey honeymoon for couples?

The ideal time for a Turkey honeymoon entirely depends on you. Turkey is the best destination to visit all year. However, you need to be smart in planning a Turkey honeymoon trip. We recommend that you visit Turkey from March to May and September to November, as the temperature will be warm enough, ranging from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Most couples want too many flowers around them. That is precisely what you will find when you go on a Turkey vacation for a honeymoon in autumn.

turkey places to visit and vacation in turkey
turkey places to visit and vacation in turkey


Is Turkey Safe for Couples?

The people of Turkey are warm, welcoming, kind, and hospitable. They welcome tourists with all their enlarged hearts. Most tourists find Turkey vacation to be safe throughout their stay there. Like most tourist countries like Europe and North America, Turkey vacation is safe. So, without worry, newlyweds can plan their romantic Turkey vacation. It makes a perfect recipe for a romantic getaway or a place away from in-laws! 😀


Is Turkey good for a honeymoon?

Usually, a newly-wedded couple needs a beach (not necessarily Maldives!), shopping spots, hamam, sumptuous cuisine, a hot air balloon ride, some caves adventure, a secluded hotel, a hot spring, and an intriguing historical place. A Turkey Honeymoon is nothing short of all these facilities. The best Turkey vacation places to visit for couples include Bodrum, Marmaris, Olundeniz, Goreme, and Alacati. 

Must Visit Caves in Turkey
Must Visit Caves in Turkey

Which outfits should you carry for a Turkey honeymoon?

In terms of dress code, Turkey generally doesn’t belong to conservation countries like Iran, Pakistan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. You can wear T-shirts and shorts in Turkish cities except when you visit Mosques. Respectful clothing is necessary to visit all the mosques on a Turkey vacation. Remember to follow mosque dress codes at any cost. Men wearing vest tops or shorts and women wearing tank tops, short skirts, leggings, shorts, or vest tops are not allowed inside the mosque. 

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What are the best places for a Turkey honeymoon on a budget?

Some of the most popular places for a Turkey vacation include Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Antalya, and Izmir. If you visit these places in the off-season, it will be worth visiting. In other cases, you can visit the cheapest neighborhoods on a Turkey vacation, which include Esenyurt, Sancaktepe Hill, Sultan Qazi Sultangazi, Esenler, and Kartal. 

celsus library at ephesus ancient city in izmir, turkey
celsus library at ephesus ancient city in izmir, turkey


What are the Best Turkey Honeymoon hotels to stay in Istanbul?

There are unlimited hotels ranging from budget to expensive for your stay during a Turkey vacation. We recommend booking your stay well in advance. We recommend some of the best honeymoon hotels, namely By Trio Hotel, Seven Hills Palace Hotel, Sheraton Istanbul City Centre, Lady Diana Hotel, and Rixos Pera Istanbul.


What is the minimum cash to be carried in Turkey?

There is no limit to the cash you need to carry on a Turkey vacation. It always helps in emergency cases when online transactions fail. We recommend carrying at least 276 USD per person to be in a safe condition. Most of the shops accept credit cards; however, small shops prefer to take cash, where you get discounts. It is better to do a currency exchange upon your arrival at the International Airport for no further inconvenience. 


Istanbul Places to Vist in Turkey
Istanbul Places to Vist in Turkey

What is the convenient mode of travel to roam around Turkey?

Traveling by train is one of the best travel modes to look at the breathtaking landscape views. Turkish authorities have invested a huge amount in upgrading the major railways.

A bus is the primary mode of transportation in Turkey for both short and long distances. In cities like Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, and Antalya, bus fares are very cheap.

Driving cars on Turkey roads is comfortable as Turkish authorities have invested a huge amount in repairing roads recently.

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