9 Must Have Free Blogging Tools for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online these days. But the blogging niche has become too competitive in recent times as many bloggers are trying to follow the same to generate online passive income.

Don’t get demotivated with these first couple of lines. Want to start a blog and make money by promoting affiliate products like many pro-bloggers are doing? Then you are at the right place as I am going to share 9 free blogging tools which can turn your blog into a perfect place where you can promote any product easily and manage them well.


blogging tips and free blogging tools
blogging tips and free blogging tools

How To Start Affiliate Marketing Blogging

The very first criteria is you need a blog, although one can do affiliate marketing without a website as well. But here we are talking about all the blog owners only. So, how to choose which affiliate product will give you right return? The funda is very simple. First of all try to promote the services or products which you are actually using or used previously by writing some good review articles.

But before that you have to make sure that your blog is having all essential blogging tools to kick start affiliate marketing. Here is the list of such 9 free blogging tools in 2016.

Must Have Free Blogging Tools To Kick start Affiliate Marketing
Must Have Free Blogging Tools To Kick start Affiliate Marketing

9 Free Blogging Tools to Make Money – Affiliate Marketing

  1. Google Analytics
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This is an amazing must to have tool which will help you to track your website performance over the period of time. Install Google Analytics free tool to analyze your site’s traffic and user’s behaviour and many other key factors.


  1. Google Keyword Tool

Although there are many professional keyword tools, but Google keyword planner is the best tool to do your keyword research before writing a product review for targeting affiliate. You can easily find Google keyword planner guide to make it maximum.


  1. Mail chimp for Email Sign Up

If you want to make serious money with affiliate marketing you must understand the importance of building an email list. Mail Chimp Email subscription is another awesome subscription plugin with which you can enjoy features like a pro absolutely free of cost. You can easily get first 2000 visitors free of cost. Integrate mail chimp with a good free newsletter plugins for WordPress and put a beautiful subscription box to capture your leads.

Free Blogging Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Free Blogging Tools for Affiliate Marketing
  1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the best free tool every affiliate marketer should have. Although couple of countries do not yet allow PayPal, but most of the countries are ok with PayPal payment gateway. When you join any affiliate program, you will find that most of them are providing payment option as PayPal. The best part is, it is a Free to use tool.


  1. Yoast SEO Plugin

This is another essential and life saver free WordPress plugin with which one can stay relax about the on-page SEO factors. SEO is the ultimate thing to do when you are serious about affiliate marketing. Because, if you are not able to rank your product review well in the search engines, then it is not possible to convert your efforts into money.  Yoast SEO plugin will certainly help you to make sure that your SEO checklist complete.

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  1. WPSmush

An image can speak louder than words and this is also true for blogging as well. But just uploading an image is not everything. You have to carefully choose your images and optimize them first to keep your blog speed high. In that case WP Smush is an awesome free image optimization plugin and I am sure almost every blogger is using the same.


Tools for Affiliate Marketing
Tools for Affiliate Marketing
  1. Anti Spam /Akismet

Spamming is another concern which is growing day by day as there are smart people who want to achieve things quickly. You have to take necessary actions to stay away from comment spamming and to save your blogging time. Simply use these 2 free WordPress spam protection plug-ins and stay relaxed.


  1. Thirsty Affiliate

When you are into affiliate marketing, you should know what is link cloaking. Generally affiliate links look very ugly or rather look unnatural. So to make the link user friendly there are tools which can cover the ugly link and return a good looking url so that user can trust and click on that. In that case Thirsty affiliate free WordPress plug-in is the ultimate option.


  1. Contact Form 7 or WPForms Lite

Make sure that you have provided the option to connect various companies or product owners to promote their products in your blog as you are doing well while writing reviews. You can use these 2 plugins to create contact forms absolutely free of cost.



If you are looking for what product to promote to make maximum money, then keep a track of the famous bloggers income reports regularly to get every detail about their blogging income and which affiliate products are helping them to make good money.

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So, what are the free blogging tools you prefer to keep affiliate marketing alive? Or what are your favourite affiliate marketing tools which are making your life & blogging just easy? Share your experience & query by writing a simple comment below.



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