How to Get More Interview Calls and Crack the Interview

After getting the required Qualification the first thing that every student looks out for is an opportunity to Interview and a job. But not all are able to make it. Then how to get the chance and convert that chance into success. I have discussed some really good, tested and researched based points that can surely be the solutions to your interview problems.Follow these steps and points to get quick interview calls.

  • Update your resume and apply on some of the mid range level companies. Start your carrier in small steps. Applying for high package without any prior experience will not hold any chance.
  • Follow some good companies on Linkedin to get updates on opening and vacancies.
  • Try and contact your peers and teachers already working or have working experience in the company that will make your way to the interview quite easy.
  • Keep in touch with your seniors, they can be of help at many times in companies you apply. They may refer you for some opening. They get referral money so they will forward your CV.
  • Always try and make contact with the HR person of the company. If possible try and take out some telephone number to contact him.
  • Apply to some consultancy firms. Forward your resume to them. They have good contacts and relations with many MNCs and can easily forward your CV to them.
  • Apply to many online job portals which are trust worthy and give honest links and job opening details like ,, or
  • Prepare resume that can give its reader the impression of a worthy candidate. Take time to prepare resume before submitting the same.


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Learn how to write a resume here :- How to Cook an effective Resume that can get you an Interview call.

Also check out the sample resume :- A Sample Resume Template to Help you Write your own

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Learn the requirements of the company and then manipulate your resume accordingly, but don’t add anything that you don’t know. Giving false information is of no good and will ultimately lead to your candidature rejection.

Keep yourself updated with the current scenario of the company you are applying to. Many companies want their employee to have some information about their work culture, job responsibilities and knowledge of company background as well.

Keep revising things related to your field so that you don’t miss any chance of cracking an interview.

Always prepare yourself for the initial telephonic round that is done to judge the communication skills and client handling skills. If you can’t impress someone on phone , they consider you not worthy of the job. Yes this is true and follows in many companies.

Always give true answers. Companies look for people who are true to their words and can handle situations with clients peacefully.

Prepare yourself with the many common questions that are asked in almost every interview.

Like what are your future plans ?

Why do you want to join our company?  or why are you leaving your current job ?

What is your expected salary here ?

Are you comfortable if we relocate you?

How much do you point yourself in *** subject on a scale of 10 or 5?

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Can you work in late hours for the company?

Try to make good answers to these questions since they can decide your appointment and salary scale.

Like for the question What is your expected salary here?
Answer them that you expect 25% or 30% hike on the present salary. Or you will be looking forward with company norms. This way you are keeping your true words and getting some good salary in hand.

How much do you point yourself in *** subject on a scale of 10 or 5?

Never Point yourself too high nor too low. Take a 7.5 or near value. Giving a high value is good but sometimes makes an bad impression that you are desperately wanting a job. No one is perfect and someone who have no or less experience and saying he is 8+ points on the subject makes no sense.

And then some questions to test your “out of the box” thinking ability. So do prepare for such questions. Many such types Questions that are asked in many Interviews are given below as an example to exaplain.
Think about them and scratch your head a bit to get the correct answer. I know the answer and will surely give you if you want.

Question 1)

There are 3 wooden sticks that burns out completely in 1hr, 2hr, 3hr respectively.
you have a box full of these sticks so you can use as many as you want. Each stick burns out completely in a uniform manner that is linearly. How can you calculate the 45 min time period using minimum number of sticks?

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Question 2)

There are 100 barrels of similar drinkable liquid but 1 barrel has a poison dissolved in it. No one can differentiate by looking at the color of liquid or by tasting the liquid that which barrel has the poison. The poison takes 1hr to kill the person who drinks it.

You have to find out which barrel has the poison. You can use as many human beings as you want to test the liquid. Use minimum humans and causalities to determine the barrel. You have one hour only.

We hope now you have a clear idea how to get interview arranged and clearing and interview as well.

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  1. Many thanks for your time and etffros to have had these things together on this blog. Jack and i also very much appreciated your suggestions through the articles in certain things. I understand that you have quite a few demands on your program and so the fact that a person like you took the maximum amount of time just like you did to steer people like us by this article is also highly prized.

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