Discover Traits of a Successful Blogger, do you have these?

Don’t waste time. Time is money and wasting money is a big mistake. Successful bloggers know where to spend more time and where to spend more efforts. Google Analytics tool is one key factor in categorizing various elements of your blogging practices into time consuming and time efficient content.

Don’t waste time on things that require more resources and their returns are not high over investment. Million Dollar blogs are a result of taking into account ROI.

Don’t be in a hurry. Patience is the key to success here. Have patience and keep working. Successful bloggers are futuristic and they do estimated calculation and then take risk. Always remember that a calculated risk has lesser chances of failure then a wild risk.


blogging keywords and seo technique
blogging keywords and seo technique

Focus on strengths

What are your strengths? If you have answer to this then you are already half way on the path of success. Show your strengths and knowledge and share your experience. The more you give to the community the more you will get back from them.

Focusing on strengths does not mean that you need not work on your weakness. It is advisable to keep your weaknesses behind curtains in business so that your competitors may not be able to get ahead of you using your weakness as a tool. But you need to constantly improve over your weakness so that you can win over every situation in your business and career life.

Blogging is an online business and working on your blog requires you to be aware of many technical aspects as well. Coding, scripting, database queries and many more. Which is your strong point?

Try to give your Blog a fine front look so that those who happen to land on your blog never leaves it again. Your strength is the key point here. Give them the best of what you have got and they will never leave you.

Observe things closely

Successful Bloggers have great Observation skills. They observe and then react on every event. They try to observe every small details that can help them win over others. New ideas come out of observations and that is why bloggers need to have great observation skills.

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blogging tips and guide
how to make your blog successful tips and guide

Stay Connected

What am I saying? Stay connected but with whom?

I am not talking about readers or your subscribers. I am talking about bloggers. Stay connected with bloggers you come across and whom you find interesting and creative. You can learn a lot from their work and surely they can help you out in lot many things on blogging. By Interacting with those bloggers you would come to know how they work and how they think and surely you would also start thinking that way.

“Sanagati ka asar” yes this is something I am trying to tell you. Connect with successful bloggers, creative and innovative bloggers or new minds in the land of blogging and become successful.

So start Connecting with them on their social pages.

Stay Hungry. Hungry for knowledge not for money

“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” a very great line by a great person “Steve Jobs” is very apt for this business. The hungrier for knowledge, creativity, and ideas you are, the more you can succeed. Discover more and more and learn more and more. There is no limit to learning and educating yourself.

It also helps in bringing the latest information to your blog which makes your blog fresh and keep going. Whatever you are learning every day, you can share it with others in your own way using the blogging.

Blogging is about creativity and there is no doubt that creativity can sometime seem to be foolish. But sometimes it is good to be foolish and try new things because you never know what may click the readers. Don’t prejudge anyone and try to find data to support your points and views. The facts and figures can actually help you learn better and work in the right direction.

Don’t hesitate to try new things

Sometimes what may seem to be a foolish idea can actually be a very clever one and can bring lots of traffic to your blog. But we don’t try it just making an assumption that it won’t be a successful venture. If you have some figures to prove your point then it is right to say and move ahead but if you are just assuming it on thin clouds of doubt then you should reconsider that idea again.

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Successful bloggers try new things every single day and take decision on whatever is the outcome.

Presence of mind.

Stay active and use presence of mind to deal with situations that demand great amount of time management and administrative skills. Not every blogger is from management background neither every blogger is from a technical background. So Successful bloggers use presence of mind to make decisions and they stick with their decisions.

how to improve alexa ranking of website
how to improve alexa ranking of website

Don’t copy instead create your own style.

I am not talking of content here. Of course content has to be unique but what else other than content is needed to be different. It is your voice. Yes your style of writing and your speaking skill. Sometimes bloggers try to copy the style of other bloggers in the manner they present things, they write post or in some other way possible. Create your own style and voice. If you are copying someone then reading to the same voice readers won’t find the true of the post author.

Create a blog that is resourceful

Writing a blog post just to have some content is useless and not worth any value. Create content that is resourceful and hold some value for the reader since he is investing time on your blog.

Get involved in making quality blog and not just a blog that is nothing but a personal diary. A successful blog is one that holds something for readers and is valuable visitors. Creating a quality blog and maintaining quality is highly important if you want to continue your success in this blogging journey.

Guide to the readers

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When new readers land on your blog, they are not sure where to start from and look for something they want. Try to place a guide or directions to navigate them that can help them traverse pages and post on your blog.

learn some real good blogging ideas and tips
blog your way to success

Part time or Full time responsibility.

This is true that Full time bloggers are having higher percentage of getting more success than part time bloggers. Reason is simple and that is time and focus. While the part time bloggers are dividing their focus on many things at a time, full time bloggers are only focused on their blog.

But it is not always true as I said they are having higher percentage of success which means two things.

1) Part time bloggers can also be as successful as full time bloggers but that requires some really good idea and its timely execution which is really difficult to manage with so many tasks at hand.

2) Full time bloggers can fail dramatically if they are just not working in the right direction or are missing something important even after dedicating so much time on their blog.

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