9 Ways to Write Amazing Articles – How to Write a Good Blog Post

Most people have this question “How to write good articles or Write a Good Blog Post” and many people also ask me how to start writing blogs on the niche of interest.

The answer to these questions is what I am going to give in this particular post. No worries if you are new to blogging and do not know how to start writing articles. This post is for all those who want to understand the recipe for creating an article that attracts readers to their blog. Start to Write a Good Blog Post and you will see the difference in your traffic coming to website seamlessly. 

blogging making money with best tips
blogging making money with best tips

Your articles decides the rating of your blog. Make sure it is top rated and most searched.


What you should avoid ?

I have seen bloggers who do blogging by writing articles that are copy pasted from some other sources online which is the most common mistakes made by them and which is bad enough for making their blog blacklisted on many search engines. Even if they are able to survive for some time then that is because they are doing regular social media marketing. Once that stops, they will land up in a barren land with nothing in hand. So it always suggested to write unique and publish self-written articles on blog. So your focus should always be towards how to “write a good blog post”.

The most important part to understand is that what are you willing to write on? Is the topic has a solution for the reader. Is the article has a conclusion for the reader? Is the article in any way adding value to the reader’s interest and knowledge?

If you think that it is then you are ready with a very good topic in hand. Your solution should be crystal clear in the article and easy to understand as well.

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Write a Good Blog Post
Write a Good Blog Post

Now let’s focus on the main points that you need to keep in mind while creating an article. When we say “write a good blog post”, it is very different from writing just an article. An article will have the same info as on a blog post but the way you present that info is what makes a good blog post different from an article.


Things to keep in mind to write a good blog post


  • Original and Authentic

Your Content must be original and authentic. Original content is very much appreciated and gets more attention. If possible you can content which is more evidence based either with your own experimentation or may be scientifically proven.


  • Well Researched Article 

You should do good research on your topic before you start writing on it. A false information may lead to breaking the trust factor of the visitor. Although not every person can have the same point of view on any topic but some things are well proven which should not be misinterpreted or changed.


how to make money online as part time job
how to make money online as part time job


  • Solution Oriented Article

Write useful content that can give a feasible solution to the readers. Before writing always ask: “Is the reader getting benefited from this in any way?” or “how can he or she be benefited from your write up?” If you get the answer for this question then go ahead and write the article with full confidence.


  • Practical and Easy to Implement Solution 

When giving the solution to the readers for any issue or problem they are facing, make sure the solution is easy to implement or I should better say “it should be practical to implement”. You can give examples of the cases where you have seen this getting implemented and found good results post implementation.


  • Easy to understand Language

The article should be written in easy simple English or any other language of your choice. Most blogs are written in English because it is an international language, spoken and understood throughout the world. Whatever be the language of your choice, make sure you use simple to understand vocabulary for the readers.

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Use simple words rather than using complicated dictionary. Readers are there on your blog to find solution to their problems or may be listening to something of their interest. They are not on your blog to learn English and see your writing skills and grammar.


write a good article
write a good article
  • Proofread your Article 

Make sure you proofread your article before publishing it online on your blog. 1 or 2 times of proofreading makes sure you do not end with any grammatical error or spelling mistakes that can otherwise change the meaning of your line.


  • Give a format to the Article 

The content should be simple, crisp and to the point. Do not use repetitive line just to stretch the articles. Do not give solution or advice in an indirect way. Try to be direct and to the point. The reason I am saying this is because, no one has time to read long articles that do not have any value to add. Keep your sentences short and thus avoiding long paragraphs. You can use point structure to make it interesting otherwise. Use some headings, bullet points, Highlighter, Multiple paragraphs to give some easy to read and understand format.


  • First impression is important 

The most important line in your article is the first one. If you make it effective, short and direct it to the reason why reader should read the complete article then half of your task is done. Do smart editing so that you always keep the reader interested in reading the remaining part of your article.

writing a blog post or article
writing a blog post or article
  • Catchy Title of your Article 

The Title of your article should be catchy and enticing but not misleading. You should be giving a very catchy headline to your article because this is what you are going to promote. Reader will first come across your article title even before they decide to read your articles. So make them decide in your favour like I just did in this post.


Some Small but Important Tips

  • Make sure you end your article with a conclusion and a call to action. It impacts the readers view point.
  • You can also use live examples or references in your article for making your post more informative.
  • Proper use of headings and subheadings in article helps the readers understand it more easily.
  • Make sure to write articles at least 600 words to 800 words long. It is your blog and not a news reporting website.
  • Try and keep your readers engaged in your article with good quality pictures and your conversation.
  • Do not publish your article anywhere else except your blog.
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In the last, I would always suggest you to put up a good photo, a short introduction about yourself at the bottom of the article. A lively photo with a honest bio gives the readers a trust factor that the writer exist and is very much into the field of topic he/she just discussed about.

Make sure your profile is having social media links for the readers to connect with you online. This gives them a point of contact for their future reference and also increases your visibility online.



Best Social Media Marketing to follow
Best Social Media Marketing to follow

Now since you are aware of how to write good articles and write a good blog post, start with something special and share it with us.

Share your views, thoughts, opinions below in the comment section. Tell us how did you liked the article that you just read and did it benefited you in any way possible. Were you able to find the solution to your problem here.

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