8 Solid Methods for Making Money Without Google Ads on Blog

Most bloggers ask this question that what if I don’t get ads on my blog, How I will earn through my blog then?

Generating income from ads displayed on your website is certainly the most well-known and easiest way of all. However many believe that ads on blog are a guaranteed money making strategy. But it is not true since the question that how much you earn depends on the actions of your blog’s visitors and readers.

Another reason for doubting about the money you make via ads on your website is the count of traffic you receive everyday unless your blog is very popular and generates large traffic on your articles every day.

Ads are not the only answers to your money problems. There are many ways by which you can make money on your blog. Monetizing your blog through Non advertising is a secret not yet so popular among newbies but many experienced players earn handsome amount without ads. We will reveal all the ways here. We have discussed some really successful and excellent money making ideas for you, so read carefully and act smartly.

ways to earn on blogging
start earning on your blog without ads

[Method 1]  Learn to Earn:-

Ads are what we see every day on Internet and we believe that these are all PPC (Pay Per Click) ads or earning through impressions but this is half true. Sometimes ads are not provided by the inter mediator but the website directly deals with the end client who wants his product to be advertised on Internet on that website. In such cases Google AdSense does not comes into play. I will explain it in more details with an example now.

Suppose you are running a very successful website and you don’t want to apply for Google AdSense. Now what you do is simply keep up some space for advertising and invite product companies for publishing their product where ever they demand and in return you ask for the monthly payment for the advertisement on your blog.

This can be further expanded with various discounts that company can offer only to customers that buy their product only if they are coming through your blog. This way both you and the company is in good profits. The only challenge here is to convert the visitors into possible buyers. That way you can earn good commission and traffic.

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[Method 2] Earn with Guest Posting:-

Guest posting is a way by which other bloggers can write for your blog and insert some backlinks in the article that can flow the traffic to their website and help them build traffic. Many bloggers write guest post for other blogs for free because this will help them to promote their own blogs. You can take advantage of this service and ask for a nominal fee for using this guest posting service. Offering your guest posting service for a fee is the main idea here.


[Method 3] Write an ebook:-

The above 2 methods seems to be more useful to the professional bloggers since they have more links in the Internet market and are having a reputation that can favor them in those method implementation.

What can a newbie do to earn?
You have to have good knowledge of Internet Market and various Blogging rules and strategies that can help you earn at an early stage. We have some methods for new bloggers as well but without prior knowledge of Blogging they won’t help much in earning.

Learn to write a ebook. Yes it is one of the most successful methods of all for a newbie to earn reputation and traffic on Internet.

Write an ebook on any topic you feel comfortable with and you can share some really unknown methods and tricks in your ebook.

Cooking an ebook for successful blog is a skill that you can learn here with us.

Share that ebook exclusively on your website initially for free to entertain traffic. Make sure your ebook is in some way have some relation with your website theme. What I mean by this is that writing a ebook on cooking and publishing it on a technical blogging website is useless.

If your blog has loyal readers then they must like what you have to say. Similarly, if you’ve established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic, then there is a good chance people will want to read more from you outside of your blog. Leverage that position by writing an ebook and offering it for sale on your blog.

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[Method 4] Write a Book:-

If you’ve established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic and developed a strong following, you could write a book and either try to have it published or self-publish. This gives you a way to bring traffic to your blog via book and generate loyal followers of your blog.


[Method 5] Invite for Donations:-

I would recommend this only to those who are actually working on blogs related to social cause , free apps , widgets download or providing anything to download free of cost. The reason for recommending it only to those websites is that visitors are also human beings and have emotions like every other human so when they see a free of cost distribution of a thing that could have cost couple of bucks they tend to promote such good cause via donations.

It can’t hurt to ask your readers to donate to your blog. Some of them just might do it. You can add a donation button to your blog through PayPal.


[Method 6] Enter into Professional Blogger Business:-

Many a times promoting a blog requires some investment at an initial stage and for new bloggers it is difficult to ask for donations or bring investors in their ideas. For investment they can work as article writers and editors for other blogs and can charge good amount of fee for their services. Many blogs and blog networks look for talented and knowledgeable writers to author blogs, and many of those blogging jobs are paying. Apply to blogging jobs to boost your blogging income. Once you are satisfied with your earning you can start promoting your own blog.

You can also apply for Other Writing Jobs. Blogging can help you polish your writing skills, which can help you land other freelance writing jobs online and offline. Transitioning into freelance writing from blogging is not unusual and can be very lucrative.


[Method 7] Start Speaking and Consulting:

Working on a blog for a long time will finally help you on many blogging related thing for sure like knowledge of what mistakes you should not make while blogging
what type of tools help you in generating traffic how to write good articles and valuable content for your readers types of promotion activities that can help you bring excellent results in short time and many more topics.

Use this knowledge and share it with the audience and public. Putting yourself as a valuable source to learn about blogging for the interested audience will bring traffic to your blog, generate money for you and bring frame in the Internet world all at the same time. You could offer your services as a public speaker at events related to your area of expertise.

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If you’ve established yourself as an expert in your blog’s topic, you can offer consulting services to other people or business who could use the help of your expertise. Alternatively, you could offer consulting services related to developing and writing a successful blog. You can charge a fee for your consulting services as well.


[Method 8] Create Network

This is the most powerful weapon to achieve success in blogging over internet. Create it and expand it as much as possible. The bigger the network the larger is the chance of your news spreading wider. More people in network means more followers and more bigger market to start your product promotion.

Having a good network reputation and followers on various social networking sites can help you monetize your blog in various ways and you can always leverage this for building up your assets.


Concluding Words 

We hope we are able to help you get what you were looking for and if you feel something missing here please share your views and ideas because the more you share the more you get back.

By diversifying your income-generating opportunities, you’ll have a greater chance of successfully monetizing your blog.

Many bloggers have success selling branded and non-branded merchandise on their blogs through CafePress.


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