How to Write an Unforgettable About Page on Blog


“The About page is the voice of your blog and it has to be true and honest”     Anurag Ajmera

Is the “About Page” ready on your website?

Are you finding it difficult to write and express or don’t know what to include?

Any new reader of your blog who visit your site after finishing his article jumps to the about page to know more about you and to connect with you. So your about page is your picture in words format.

how to write about page on blog
how to write about page on blog

Why every blog need a “About page”?

Do you know that your about page is the second most visited page on your website after your homepage. Keeping this in mind you can actually take advantage of this as well.

Every individual is busy and that is why every reader who comes to your blog actually visit the about page first to make sure that he is not going to waste his time and can actually look for what he wants. They are taking a small risk spending time on your website. They want to be sure that their time, energy and effort will not be wasted. The want to know what do you have for them to offer and why should they stick to your blog.

People do want to know about you as well but only as long as you stay relevant to them.

When somebody lands on a website for the first time, they have no idea what you can do to help them. It is your job to introduce yourself properly and spell out the benefits. Once you have their attention, then you can start creating a connection with them and spill your story.

What to do?

Try to make it more interesting and catchy. You cannot make an about page in a day or 2 because it keeps on changing with time. You need to continuously update your about page and try to make it more appealing and informative every time you update it.

I will try to through light on some really good points to help you answer all your queries related to your about page and make it simple for you to write an about page.

“Think of the about page as a resume of your blog. You want to sell your blog content and you first need to tell what your skills and knowledge is all about. Your blog’s about page is the resume to the readers”.

Similar to your resume, your about page is also the first impression that any reader holds and then proceed further. If your resume is not matching the requirement you won’t be able to make any further and similarly if your abut page is different than what you are showing up in your blog content then it is of no use and readers won’t come back.

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Every blogger and website owner has the same problem and you will hear the same issue again and again that writing an about page is really hard. People often finds it challenging.

What makes it so much difficult to write a about page?

One reason often heard is that they find it uneasy to sing their praises from their own mouth.

Don’t hesitate to tell your readers about your success and your achievements because if you won’t tell them then how would they know about you and your blog. You cannot expect every reader to come to your blog after reading about you through some other source. Use gentle words on about page so that the reader doesn’t feel that you are over praising yourself.

People often get confused what to put up in the about page. Especially this is a common problem with the new bloggers and authors. They often avoid having an about page which is not a recommended practice. They find it difficult because they don’t have enough material to show up and not even enough experience to tell.

What is the solution for them and others?

It is quite simple. Just follow these simple steps and your about page is ready.

Step1:- Tell the readers about your team and yourself in small paragraphs or points. Try to display a small bio of each team member and share his details like his/her qualifications, his/her interests, his/her achievements, and social links to connect with them.

Step2:- Try to tell the reader about your website. Why you started it, when did you started it and what was the main motive behind the website.

Step3:- Just make it simple. Don’t complicate things on about page. It should be easy to read and understand.

Step4:- Tell them about your blog and website in more detail like if your blog has any achievements or any accolades. Tell them about your success story and your hard work in putting up the content.

Step5:- If you have a contact page on your blog share (link) here as well so that after reading the about page they can contact you if they want.

Step6:- Give them something to come back on your blog. Don’t sound desperate on your page.

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Step7:- Don’t advertise yourself on the about page. Keep it simple and informative. You can also add some video or pictures to your about page.

Step8:- Include some credibility building elements like your articles being published in known magazine columns or featured somewhere special.

Step9:- Ending a about page with some call for action. What do you want your readers to do next after reading the about page. Ask them to subscribe to keep connected and get newsletters. Give them something to reach out to your blog next time. Turn their attention to something you are offering free or at low cost. Make them feel familiar now.

Step10:- You can add some pop-up at the end to ask user to visit some popular topics on your blog and direct them to those pages.

With these simple steps you can draft a healthy looking about page but remember that it is not the last update to your about page. Keep it fresh and active so that there is no flaw in your blog.


Let’s discuss some mistakes often found on the about page of many blogs and websites.

  • You can be making some of these mistakes on your about page. Rectify your mistakes before it is too late.

  • Don’t just put up a video on the about page and forget to write anything. If a user is not interested in watching a video he might end up with nothing on the about page. If you want to have an introductory video then keep it short and try to keep it of the page. You can ask them to follow a link to know more about you via video.

  • The above practice of adding a link of video is advised to avoid huge page loading time. Heavy content on page will break the patience of the audience. So give an option to those who are having good internet speed and a choice to those who are low on speed.

  • Most people check out the websites or blog while travelling, at night or with poor internet speed. Forcing a video on about page is not a good idea.

  • Don’t fill up your about page with pictures only.

  • Don’t just focus on your self-introduction instead try to introduce every aspect of your company, blog and team.

  • If you think that about page is all about you then, guess again. Your about page is actually about your readers, clients, and customers. The people you are in the business of serving. When somebody comes to your about page, they want to know how you can help them. Yes, they want to know about you but only in relation to how you can help them.

  • Don’t hide yourself behind the words. Don’t stay anonymous. By showing your face on your name, you are only increasing trust. People find it difficult to connect with someone whom they can’t see and know.

  • Don’t make it hard for people to contact you otherwise they won’t. Provide genuine contact details and social network platforms where they can connect with you.

  • Your about page is too boring. Don’t sound like a third person or some corporate voice on your about page.

  • Don’t write long paragraphs and too much details about anything. Keep it simple and clean and to the point so that anyone can follow you.

  • Be yourself. Don’t copy anyone or any other blog.

  • Don’t turn this page into a confessional. If you have an inspirational story to tell, create a separate page for that and link it to the about page.

  • List the places you have been featured in, interviewed on or been published in as a guest writer. Proudly showcase your ‘as seen as logos’. Again, don’t be deceitful. People will Google you to see your work and they can figure out pretty quickly if you are lying.

  • Think about what you want them to do next: Sign up to your newsletter? Buy an entry level product? Ask for a quote? Dive into content? Follow you on social media?


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Now its your turn to tell us what you have got in your mind. Comment out your queries and thoughts and let the blogging begin.



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