12 Best Ways To Earn Money Online with Blogging

Are you blogging and you still do not know how to earn while blogging then you should definitely check out this article because here I am going to share some of the best ways to monetize your blog. There are many good ways you can explore to earn money online with blogging.


ways to earn with blogging and content marketing
ways to earn with blogging and content marketing


Blogging is all about content creation and content marketing. Writing a blog post alone cannot help you earn through it. You need to do good marketing of your blog as well.

Blogging is considered a new way of earning online and people know a very few ways of earning via blogging. Google Adsense is one of the most common way and most heard way of earning online with blogging. But you will be surprised to know many other new and better ways to earn money online with blogging.

Ads are the best way of earning but it depends how you actually advertise and from whom you take the assignment of advertisement. What I mean to say is, you need to look into the advertisement mechanism and reduce the intermediate commission takers to increase your revenue.

Publishing ads on your blog is the way known to everyone but are you publishing your own ads or taking the ads from some ads firm?

This is the deciding factor that will tell how much you make revenue out of your blog.

Similarly there are many things that decide how much money you generate online and different ways by which earn money online with blogging. You can make money online with the help of your blog via sponsored publishing or product reviews for example.


Inline Ads

There are ads which you can insert in the content inline links and earn. It can be of different types based on ads. You can either go for direct advertisement where the client will ask you to give back link to his or her website in the content and he will pay you for that. The other way is to get associated with some ad firm like infolinks who will pay you on the basis of link tracing and link views.

Both the ways are good but the first way is more better where you get the direct link and you do not have to deal with intermediates. Thus helping you earn more on the advertisements.


Ads from Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

This is the common and known method of advertisement. You apply for displaying their ads on your blog and once approved you get paid for every click and every views on that ad displaying on your blog. There are many ads firms that provide such kind of services. Some are easy to get and some are not.

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Services like Google Adsense, yahoo ads, bing ads are better because they pay you more than others but they not approve all the requests so you have to be lucky and good in blogging to get these ads on your blogs. Bidvertiser, adhocs, revenuehits etc are very easily available but they do not pay much to the publishers.


Self-posted Ads

Now this is the best money making strategy. You need to work on these and once you start making money out of this, you will be getting hands on some good amount. You need to make the best use of this strategy. Your blog has many locations which can be used to display ads like the header, footer, sidebar, between the content as well.

You can sell these locations for advertisements and ask the advertiser to purchase these locations for some rental. This makes you good money because you do not have to deal with ad firms in between who tend to take a lot of money in between the advertiser to publisher transaction. So this is an easy way to Earn Money Online with Blogging.


Content Advertisement/Marketing

Now we know that what all forms of ads you can have on your blog and how you can make use of that to make good money. The good thing is that you do not have to just rely on those ads to make money out of your blog. There are other ways as well like the content advertisement. You can write your own content and just in between you can give a reference to some other website.

This way you are giving a valuable backlink to that website owner and also diverting some traffic to his website. So in return he will pay for that. You can decide the pay according to the link and your blog ranking.


make money with your social media accounts and blogging
make money with your social media accounts and blogging


Product Review

Another way to Earn Money Online with Blogging is product review. You can be contacted by Product Company to review their product and write down your experience on your blog so that the readers get an insight about the product.

This way they get a wider audience to reach out to and also get good reviews of their product on internet market. This helps them in increasing their sales by a great extent. So now you ask them for money in return. Also they will give you a sample product to use because you have to write a review after using it. It is a double win for you.

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Commission Based Blogging

Get commission for doing something for product company. Yes you can also get commission for selling or recommending products online. For example if you have a blog on food than, you can get commission for recommending some good restaurants or may be selling some good packaged food.


Product Selling

Sell a product on your blog. You can sell anything and everything online. It depends on your idea what you want to sell and how you sell. I have seen people making good money by selling products online.


tips and methods to earn money online with blogging
tips and methods to earn money online with blogging


Micro Blogging

Micro blogging is the new form of blogging and is quite a success for many people. You own a blog and with blog you have some social media handles as well like the facebook page where you share your blog updates, twitter account with huge followers on you blog tweets, Instagram account of your blog, You tube with many subscribers and similarly many more. Why am I discussing this? Because this is what micro blogging is all about.

You have lots of people who follow you, your blog and likes your blog so when you tell them something on these social media channels then it reaches to many people who would spread it more. So companies pay you to tweet on those account, share on those fb pages, and display on such instagram accounts. This is what micro blogging is all about.


Paid Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is very well known to many to Earn Money Online with Blogging but do you know you can have paid guest blogging also. You can ask the guest blogger to pay you to publish his guest post on your blog. Generally people do not spend on submitting guest post, but if you own some really good blog then you can get that as well. What they get in return? They get a backlink on your blog which improves their google search results. They get more readers to their blog via that guest post.


Selling Ebooks Online

You can become a good author if you are interested in writing books and novels. You can create a digital copy of your book and sell it online on your blog exclusively. That creates a good money if you write something good. There are many good ebooks that are available online for free as well. You can start giving away free ebook online and then later monetize them.


Sponsored Posting

Are you doing sponsored post? If not then you are missing the best method of making money online. Sponsored post are actually product advertisement via content marketing. Advertiser ask you to write about them and publish a post on your blog. They pay you for doing this and getting a backlink in your blog. The complete post here focuses on the product or website of the advertiser and his requirements. This is a very good way to earn money online with blogging and many bloggers use this nowadays.

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tips to start earning money fast with multiple jobs
tips to start earning money fast with multiple jobs


Selling Blog

This is the final earning method that you should go for. It is like killing the bird that is giving you golden eggs. It is usually taken into consideration by a blog owner when he feels he need urgent money. You can put your blog on auction online and get a good pay for that.

The price of your blog is usually decided on various parameters like daily traffic on your blog, alexa ranking, moz ranking, backlinking, SEO on the blog, Blog looks and appearance, number of posts published on the blog, domain authority, domain name age, blog niche etc. So you need to be good in many of these things to get a good price for your blog.

Most of the blogs get almost more than 50k if they have a 1 year domain age with more than 150 posts and alexa ranking of near to 10 lakh. Now you can decide your blog price.


Final Words

So now you know what all different ways you can choose from to earn money online with blogging. You can generate your own idea also to get some good money online. This is the best part of online blogging and marketing.

Now it is your turn to share your views and opinions with us in the comment section below. We would like to know what you think about blogging. If you liked the post, please share that on your facebook page, Instagram account or twitter.

Keep Reading and keep Blogging



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