Find out Why you are Not Earning in Blogging ? Common Blogging Mistakes

create a blog post that stays on top of google search page
create a blog post that stays on top of google search page

You might have experience this in your blogging time that your friend shows huge income online with a blog he is running and you are surprised to see that because you are also running a blog and not able to earn even 1/10 of that income online.

This happens with many bloggers especially those who are new to blogging or who have not explored blogging much.

Now the question that pops into the mind of many is “How are they doing this?”

Now we will tell you some deep 5 secrets of blogging to help you get an insight of blog marketing.

Bitter Truth:-Your blog is nothing but an unpublished diary that is sitting in your laptop only.

Yes that is the truth and you need to accept that because you are responsible for that. Your friends who are earning with blogging has learned this fact way before you even read this. They are making sure that people have an insight on their blog and they return back to know more.

You need to convert that diary into published book so that people can read it and appreciate it. Do not keep that diary to yourself. Spread that diary to reach billions of people online. Let them see what you have got to tell them and then only you will get the value of what you have been investing.


making money with blogging
making money with blogging


Now Secret 1:- Publishing your blog is an art and you need to learn that even before you learn how to write.

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You can improve your writing skills over time but publishing your blog and marketing it is really a needful task that needs to be done initially because first impression is the last impression and it matters the most. Make sure you do the correct marketing and in the right domain.


Secret 2:- Create a blog that is not a single read. Your readers should return on your blog to know more.



how to create best impression in blogging
how to create best impression in blogging

Secret 3:- Creating false impression in the minds of the people.

Yes this is one of the trick that many bloggers follow to get into the blogging field and meet the masters. They sing songs of achievements of their blog which they have not even tasted but yet tell them loud so that it makes them look like masters of blogging. Now they have created a wrong impression in the minds of people which allows them to interact with masters of internet blogging and marketing and crack good deals. By the time people could realize that they were faking that first impression, many bloggers would have actually tasted that achievement and can now manipulate that mistake in their favour.

How they do this?

There are many ways. Showing edited pictures, writing fake status of achievements, generating lots of rumours and creating hype.

Note:-This is not the case every time and everywhere. So do have a deep dive in the details of the bloggers who are telling big fake stories.


creating impression in the minds of others, blogging tips
creating impression in the minds of others, blogging tips

Secret 4:- One of the most important thing in blogging is to communicate and present things.

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Yes this is one of the most important thing that most of the bloggers overlook. They feel that communication is still important but presentation is not. This is wrong and you cannot succeed without proper presentation. You blog represents you and your hard work. Now even if you have written content that is worth reading, many visitors may not even read it just because they find your blog looks and presentation really dull and boring. It creates a very dull and bad experience in the minds of the readers and that is why they never return to your blog.


Tip:-Communicate each and every part of your blog success on social media to let people know that you are progressing. Some will get upset with your success and some will get jealous. Apart from these there are people who will cherish your hard work and success and will help you more.

People who get upset and jealous are also very important for your progress. Now you must be thinking how will they help you?

Remember the line “word of mouth spread faster than fire”. People who are not happy with your success will surely discuss that with others and spread it across. This will help you in every way you can think of.

Even the people who are jealous of your success in the starting will appreciate it later.


learn from mistakes in blogging
learn from mistakes in blogging


Secret 5:- The golden rule of blogging is “Learn from mistakes of others also”

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Yes that is the final secret that you should know. You can’t build a successful company in one attempt and without sacrifice. You need to accept your failure and most importantly learn from it. Now do not just sit and learn from your own failures, instead get up and hear to the mistakes made by other fellow bloggers as well. That will help you avoid making same mistakes in your next attempt.


Keep Blogging and Keep Earning


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