10 Techniques, Strategies and Ideas for Email Marketing

We often find it really difficult to keep hold of the email audience once we manage to get some. They tend to unfollow us soon and we again have to build one such email list.

Don’t lose your audience with poor email marketing ideas. Follow some proven efficient marketing tips to keep your audience on their seat and reading your emails with same curiosity with which they joined you in the first place. We will discuss methods to do marketing via email in the best possible manner.

Before we go the detailed analysis of the methods to follow, you should know one thing that you should create an email list not by force but by choice. I mean to say that you should have the permission of the person to exchange email and newsletter. He should not come out of some random email on list. He should know that he has signed up for the newsletter by his own choice and is not receiving any spam emails in his inbox.

Let’s learn the email marketing strategies now

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Learn and know why they signed up for your newsletter. What they want from you in the emails. What they expect in the emails they will receive after signing up on your blog. Use tools like Google alerts, conduct surveys and participate in online forums to know their competition and what their audience demands form them.

Give relevant content and offers. It is sometimes not possible to send out emails and newsletter that satisfies each and every customer but make sure no one is left unsatisfied in the email chain of 4 to 5 mails. The tolerance power of human mind is not much. After receiving 5 useless mails in inbox, human minds usually tends to go for un-subscription. Don’t let that happen. If you are satisfying 50% of your email subscribers in 1st mail then make sure to satisfy the rest 50% within the next 2 or 3 mails.


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Your subject line is the most important and crucial line of your email. Make sure it has following three aspects covered and well written.

1 It should be catchy and innovative to arouse curiosity in the minds of the email receiver.

The line should be such that it ask the user to click open the email at very instant without thinking much. And that is possible only if you are fulfilling his selfish nature. Giving him something for free or telling him something he is fond of or some secret success that is related to his career. There can be many other things that can arouse him to straightaway open the mail but you need to think about that.

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2 Don’t try to fool the person by writing something else in subject line and something else in the body of the email. He feels being tricked and immediately goes for un-subscription. Always make sure to give your readers what you promise in the subject line.

If you promise benefits or actionable tips in your subject line, then give them that. If you tell them that an offer is about to expire, then this is the information they expect and not a link to another offer.

3 Do write headlines that follow the 4U formula (Urgent, Unique, Ultra-specific and useful) but follow up on the promise for the continued trustworthy relationship.  Avoid using spam trigger words to make sure your email actually arrives safely in the recipient’s inbox.


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Have some purpose of writing a email to your readers. Don’t just throw away email with nothing useful for the reader. Determine the exact purpose of writing out the email in the first place and then draft an email accordingly.

The right content is without fluff. It gets straight to the point. It is actionable and highly relevant to your audience’s needs, but most importantly, the right content precedes the sale.


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Don’t email so frequently that people get irritated and confused to stay with you or not. Don’t send too many promotional emails all the time. Don’t take advantage of your email list all time. Stay in touch with a few quality emails and that’s all you need to get a better response. Quality matters not the Quantity.

Don’t spam their mailbox.  Let’s take an example:-If they got on your list expecting to see time management and productivity tips, don’t start sending them advice on healthy living or finding a soul mate. By spamming I mean, don’t bombard them with irrelevant affiliate offers all the time


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Address your email to one person and not in general. Say hi <name> and not just hi everyone or dear friends. Adding name to the email gives it a personal touch and the readers tends to follow such emails more often and even share them in their circles.

 If you write to no one in particular, you don’t get the attention of anyone. You don’t want to come across like you are writing a mass email. Yes, you are writing to a bunch of people on a list, and they also know that but they still want to feel like they are the only one you are writing to.

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You can use the merge tags in your email management program to automatically populate first names if you have collected them but this seems to annoy some people as sometimes it makes it even more glaring that you are using code to fish out a name.

Avoid using phrases like as you all know, or most of you would remember that …. Since you are writing mail to one particular person.


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Create a nice picture in the minds of the email readers. Don’t tell them you are new in the business. That happens when you send out a very poorly formatted email to your subscribers.

Create your brand value via email. Don’t just focus on the content, focus on the look and feel of the email as well. Add some nice content specific pictures and links in your email. Perfection is what you need to work for. Don’t point to a page link that has nothing in similar to the content in email.

Did you do some testing on the email you send? Sometimes the email arrives at the receiver in such a format that is not only weird but also difficult to understand and read out. Don’t write out long sentences neither fill up your email only with pictures. Both are not very well accepted so avoid it.


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Human psychology plays a very important role in deciding that weather your email receiver will actually turn up to take a look into your email or would just delete it.

Understand the human psychology in making decisions and you can make a huge turnover in your product sales. Don’t just keep working ad not doing any analysis. Start analyzing your stats and sales data. What factors affected your sales in a good or bad way.

Learning about human thinking nature, you can actually make them do what you want them to. Most Human behaves similarly when it comes to making decisions. Some principles will help you understand the common human psychology.

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Create some irresistible offers and turn up your readers into customers. Create offers that are very much pocket friendly to the reader and still put you in the profitable state. Since you know the requirements of your readers you can easily build such offers.

Spend time in improving upon various aspects of your email marketing (content and headlines). The professional email marketers are not born with this skill. They learn over time with experience and failures. You need to learn as well. Keep track of your sales and email marketing list, what affects what and how much is what you need to learn. Keep measuring, analyzing and tweaking.

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Don’t you forget to address them in good times. Share your good news with your readers and make them feel a part of your family. Don’t forget to remind them about your product and why they subscribed to your newsletter. Many times people forget why they subscribed to the newsletter in the first place and when this happens and they receive email form them, they tend to unfollow it. Don’t let this happen and tell them why they need to stay connected.


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Treat your audience gracefully and not just in a manner to find way to get into their pockets.  Get your way into the hearts and soul of the readers. After all, all buying decisions are made on emotions first and justified by reasoning later.

Do something that can make you stand out from the crowd, differently from the rest of the competition.

Try to bring smile on their face and then you will find that the will return the smile with a smile on your face too.

So there you are with 10 best email marketing tips.


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