Proven Tips and Tricks to Improve your Alexa Rank


How to rank better on Alexa
Improve your Alexa Rank with these proven tricks and methods

Blogging is all about getting noticed and sharing knowledge on internet. But at the same time every blogger wish to have good Alexa rank. Every blogger wants to have a rank that he can show up in his post, marketing news and in many other ways so that visitors can know that he is not a newbie but a professional blogger.

How can you have an Alexa rank that can give some boost to your blog traffic?

A question that comes in the mind of many bloggers. Many bloggers have many idea and they are just waiting for their Alexa rank to improve so that they can prove their efforts by showing Alexa rank and can work on the pending ideas which need good Alexa ranking as a pre-requisite. If you are also waiting for your Alexa rank to improve more so that you can work on more ideas that are in pending state then you have landed on a treasure waiting to be opened up.

If you wish to make a 4 digit or 5 digit Alexa rank in no time then you should read this article to understand the technique to build top ranking in Alexa.

An Important Disclosure:-we are not giving any fake or fast ranking technique. The idea we will give will help you get good rank if you are giving unique content frequently and you are active on your blog. Also make sure that your blog is at least 1 year old and has minimum 200 posts on it. Moreover the success of the idea depends on your efforts. Don’t think that we are giving something for free or we are fooling around to make traffic.

We are just disclosing an idea that we are using and we found that useful and working.

So what is the Golden idea?

Alexa ranking is something every bloggers looks for. This means Alexa website wants everyone to come to to check the ranking and this means more traffic for Alexa. More traffic means better google ranking and more income. Now what else Alexa can do to get more better ranking for itself on google search results. “Link building” is the answer. If Alexa can sit on a large number of website than it will automatically get more attention. So to solve this Alexa provides Alexa ranking widget for your blog. Just paste the code and show the widget on your website.

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Why would you do that?

To answer this Alexa has found a way out. It says that if you will paste the Alexa ranking widget on your blog it will slowing show improvement in your Alexa rank with some internal algorithm. Now this is something that no one actually knows because Alexa is not saying this openly else it would lose its value. We found this when we started using the Alexa ranking widget on our site. You can find this on our website too. And we actually got benefited with this.

How do I got Benefited ?

6 months back (on the date of writing this post) we were ranking at nothing. No Alexa rank for our blog. Slowly I started working on SEO and content. I found a rank on Alexa after 1 week. This was all due to my efforts. But the rank was around 1crore i.e. 8 digit rank.

I worked more hard on my website and started working on Google analytics tool. What I saw was shocking.

I was hardly getting any traffic on my blog but my Alexa rank was improving every day with great margins. I was happy and going on the same track forward.

After 2 months of day and night hard work (all alone) on the content and frontend view of my website I was able to make a rank in 7 digits and that too under 10 lakh.

Now the magic of the ranking widget was almost over until I discovered another way.

The Official Alexa Traffic Rank Extension, providing Alexa Traffic Rank and site Information when clicked. Yes you can search it on google and you will find it. Enable it on your laptop browser and see the effect.

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It will help you judge blogs and their future prospective. You can make out which has good future growth and which doesn’t.

Most importantly it will help you improve your rank which is what we want. So I enabled it on my laptop and in the next 1 month my rank got even better. And I was looking for more.

What I Keep in back of my mind?

I always remember that only the medicine is not sufficient to get recovered, we need some extra efforts form our side as well. Don’t just use this technique and sit behind with a cup of coffee to wait for the ranking to get better, instead put your efforts and hard work into it. Hard work along with smart work can bring big success to your blogging doors.

What was left to do ?

Now the main part was Traffic so I started working on SEO and other key methods that can help me get organic traffic. The effect was just so powerful that I was able to improve my rank just with my traffic stats. We are continuously working on various techniques and methods to get better and now I am able to get minimum 100 Unique visitors everyday (where the worst case of min 100 happens when I haven’t posted any new article for more than 3 days). Also I am talking of unique visitors only here. So that number of visitors daily on our blog is way more than 200. So just imagine what would be the count if I do post regular articles and do focus on more regress marketing strategies.

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But at the same time I make sure that I am giving my readers profitable and thoroughly researched article and that is why we are not able to post articles every day.

We will soon discuss our golden ways to get the extra organic traffic to your post. The most important part is getting new Unique visitors daily that add up to your list and help you get noticed over internet.


I am hungry now for more ranking improvements and that is what driving me to discover new techniques to test and share the most promising results with you. So don’t wait now and try this out.


Now it’s your turn to share your views and ideas and opinions. We would appreciate your comments and would surely address your questions, doubts as early as possible.

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Keep Blogging and Keep Rising with new hopes and spirits.

Your Idea can change your life.





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